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Squire Quests

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by jozsefsz, Jan 13, 2018.


Would it really improve multiplayer gameplay?

  1. It would in every way

  2. It would, but there are more important things

  3. Not sure

  4. It wouldn't worth the effort

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  1. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    So, I was watching the stream of today and I just got an idea from a line of Deepflame. He said something like this: If you cut down a tree, you'll get a goulash. This immediately gave me a good idea.

    In the Medieval ages there weren't only kings and peasants. There were squires (don't know if it is the proper plurel form). They kept the peasants to work for food and in some cases money. Now you could ask: How would it work in Medieval Engineers? Here is my answer:

    Let's say that you start a server and you build yourself a nice keep with a vault. Suddenly a newbie shows up at your gates. He has only a stone axe and some berries. He obviously wants a shelter with some food and tools to work with. What would you do with him?

    A: Kill him and take whatever he has
    B: Give him a few iron tools with a couple of bread and send him away
    C: Give him an iron axe and tell him to cut down a few trees for you for guaranteed reward

    In case you picked A, you earned nothing, in fact, you probably lost a player for good. If you picked B, you helped him, but literally made him wander aimlessly for another couple of hours. If you picked C... well, then you fed the newbie, gave him a reason to play, and earned yourself certain resources while you are building your magnificent empire. In your vault, you have 2 types of chests. One for the gains and one for the payment. It could be a new chest type with a typical "treasure chest" outlook with 2 ways of work.

    A: Stores the gains
    B: Stores the payment

    You could set up quests for your House members, for each rank separately. This would make possible roles such as lumberjack, miner or anything you set. How would it work ACTUALLY? It would work just like the current quest system, but in a different tab of course. Each quest would have an objective and a reward, both set by you (the squire) and completed by the newbie (the peasant). The quest could be re-done until the payment chest gets empty.

    I would also note, that the "treasure chest" wouldn't be limited in capacity, but would be limited in other ways to prevent exploits.

    1. Payment mode: You would only be able to put stuff inside it.
    2. Gains mode: You would only be able to take out things.
    3. If the chest gets destroyed, the loot would be in one single lootbag.
    4. If the chest gets destroyed, the quest would be unavailable.
    5. The chest could not be moved unless it is destroyed.
    6. If the block or voxel below it is destroyed, the chest would be destroyed as well.
    7. If the payment chest gets empty, the quest would be unavailable.
    8. The chest could not be placed loose, only placed fixed on a grid or voxel.
    9. The chest's lootbag wouldn't despawn over time, so a siege would more likely pay out.
    10. After a chest's role is set (Gains/Payment), it would stay that way until the chest is destroyed.
    11. Payment could be ANYTHING. Gold, Goulash, Small Stone, Research Scrolls, Weapons, literally anything.
    12. Treasure chests could only be opened with keys. Much like doors work currently.
    13. One player could only own one of each chest type.
    14. If any of the chest types is missing or destroyed, the quest would be unavailable.

    (Unavailable does NOT mean deleted. It means it could not be completed. The quests would be dependants of the House and its ranks, not the chests)

    I also have a few advices about how these chests and the peasants should be handled.

    1. You should hide them somewhere so even in a siege your vault's content would survive.
    2. Never tell anyone where the chests are, so the probability of being looted will decrease.
    3. Make sure your peasants like what they do. Grant them freedom by paying fairly for their work.
    4. Fill up the payment chest regurarly, but do it carefully. Keen eyes find their ways to spy.

    This feature would improve Houses and Multiplayer in general. Setting up rank system, that actually matters is what survival games lack. Imagine that even a squire could be the peasant of a king... And a king must keep his empire together.

    If you find anything that you don't agree with, feel free to share your thoughts and cast your vote!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
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  2. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    What about a more simple 'contract' system that uses the GUI to handle item exchanges while allowing checks for certain things; task completion (area claim, deer or barbarians killed, things players do) /item counts/ area visited/ items in area / other ideas/things the game checks. Let the players select from available checks to create contracts. Require paper (possibly also wood) to do it.
    Add way points? Lets not get out of hand.
    I like the suggestion, but would want for a little more security and ease of use, make it over all more useful as a creative game tool.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  3. 416365416c Trainee Engineer

    This is making me think of a quest board sort of item, where you can set up trades/quests with objectives from a drop down menu like "Deliver X logs", "Kill X barbarians", "Claim X areas for our house". When a player posts a quest to the board, they have to specify a reward (e.g. 5 iron ingots) and the reward item is stored in the quest board item until either the quest is cancelled by the poster (getting the items back) or fulfilled by another player (which gives them the reward item, and stores the objective item (if any) in the quest board for the poster to pick up).

    If you do the Kill/Claim type quests you might need an interface to start the quest, which locks out the original player from cancelling it. But if it's more a trade board than a quest board, then there's no locking needed and you just show up with the goods. This gives the simple system, all in one block, but also allows it to be part of your vault and not need you to actually be present to trade.
  4. Frostik Apprentice Engineer

    Like in the Witcher
  5. Cetric Junior Engineer

    It's amazing how some people get their brain flushed with creativity when someone says innocent sentences like "when you fell a tree, there is gonna be goulash" (while I keep wondering if Deepflame thought of the lumberjack to become goulash by the falling tree rather than getting a reward for felling it).
    My annotation:
    Why not make this concept also for bots who come to your house? As the version for single players?
  6. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    That would require some serious AI work, which is not really the strong side of Keen yet. It would be amazing tho.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.