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Star Wars Venator Destroyer

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Liberty Bull, Jun 7, 2020.

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  1. Liberty Bull

    Liberty Bull Trainee Engineer



    From Star Wars, an Empire version of the Venator Star Destoryer. Survival Ready, fully functional.

    2 block thick heavy armor on all outside surfaces.

    Only decorative pack #2 is neccessary due to the control seats and catwalks, and even then it will work without any DLC including pack #2 as no DLC blocks are structurally or functionally neccessary. Frostbite literally is only used for their gates in the auxillary garage and is absolutely not neccessary and can be replaced with airtight hangar doors.

    PCU: 86K for the Venator itself (97K with the included TIEs, Repair Skiff and Escape Pods)
    Blocks: 29,412
    Non-Armor Blocks: 2,621
    Mass: 75,000,000

    I made this Venator to fit my own personal taste being that I wanted a functional, survival ready ship that can take a beating but that did not include any non-functional greebling or outside decorations that serve to look good but take up PCU and add lag without adding substance.

    In the spawnable blueprint you have also included 4 escape pods, 1 "repair skiff" which is a welding/grinding ship as well as vanilla versions of a TIE fighter and TIE bomber.

    All doors auto-close without a script because all doors are on a timer block set to close and then repeat every 3 seconds. There is a very light script that engages "combat mode" when turrets detect enemy ships or projectiles. This combat mode deploys all blast shields over any windows as well as closes the left and right hangars. The front hangar is the combat hangar due to it's recessed nature.

    Also included is a ship printer that is pre-loaded with both vanilla and modded versions of a TIE fighter as well as the repair skiff.

    A projector set to enable easy repairs is included as well as a fully decorated interior.

    It is a slow ship due to the heavyweight nature, but this is to be used as a capital ship while staying under 100K PCU.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.