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[Suggestion]: New/extended combat system (bannerlord/warband type)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by licenceforlove, Sep 27, 2017.


Do you wanna see a more improved combat system in ME?

  1. Yep sure do!

    6 vote(s)
  2. Nay, 'tis fine as is.

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  3. OP is an idiot. :P

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  4. I'd prefer a mount and blade like comabat sys.

    1 vote(s)
  5. I'd prefer the combat sys the OP outlines below.

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  6. I don't like either solutions. (preferably add your own as a comment.

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  1. licenceforlove Trainee Engineer

    Hey all!

    First off, I think you guys (devs) did a great job at improving medieval engineers. I genuinely enjoy the crafting system, building castles etc.


    After slaying the fist barbarians I have found myself hungry for more combat. But (and I might be wrong here) the presently implemented combat system feels more like a placeholder than a combat system.
    Therefore I'd like to suggest that a new, more nuanced combat system be implemented, perhaps with some armours as well. I think something like bannerlord/warband does would work best (and yes, I've already seen a thread about somebody suggesting chivalry/reign of kings style combat which could also work).

    now, why would this be a good idea:
    • help to add immersion to the game by a better, more engaging combat experience.
    • add meaning to building forts and defending them from armies/barbarians (I realize we have siege-weapons, but come on who wouldn't wanna replay the battle of Minas Tirth? or the siege of Helm's deep?)
    • A more realistic combat system would also allow siegers to starve out the enemy (given they don't have in-castle farms)
    • potentially tap into a new player base (not that this is an issue) by providing broader gameplay mechanics
    • adding a few more weapons/weapon-types/tiers would enrich the crafting system
    • same with armours

    I am aware that Medieval Engineers is an engineering game, and a great one at that. That being said, if it had a bit more embellished combat system I think it would be an even greater game (with more depth).
    I also realize that by implementing a more nuanced combat system could need a lot of extra work, but come on guys, you gave us planets when we bitched about it!

    Anyway this thread was more intended to open a discussion about the combat system, so feel free to leave your ideas below.
  2. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    The current combat system is a placeholder.

    Also, yes/no polls are not encouraged on our forum. Better would be a poll that has several examples of combat systems so that people can vote on which system they would rather see implemented. This would give us valuable feedback instead of basically asking if people like our placeholder.
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  3. licenceforlove Trainee Engineer

    So I think there are a few combat systems that would work well for ME.
    These would be:
    • Mount and blade type combat
    • dark messiah of M&M type combat
    • Chivalry type combat
    I think what would be important is that the combat system be player skill based so there could be a competitive element in it in multiplayer. I thought about perhaps adding some rpg element like levelling into the game, but ultimately I think it would compromise the sandbox philosophy.

    Also, if you decide to implement armour/clothing, they could also influence combat outcomes (like damage mitigation, surviving head strikes/shots, etc). Also different types of injuries could be introduced, like broken bones/bleeding/sprains. These injuries would have to require different types of treatment (like broken bones take a minute to heal or something/bleeding needs bandages to stop etc).

    So putting it all together I'd like to propose the following concept for a possible combat system:
    • 4 directional striking-blocking system (basically like mount and blade)
    • damage to character would depend on which bodily area is stroke with critical areas (head, heart, etc) and also on striking force
    • different weapon types (swords, bows, axes, maces, maybe spears) doing different kind of damage (this mostly comes into play if you decide to implement armors) based on armor type and location of hit.
    • armor types:
      • Leather/light: protecting against minor lacerations/stabs, fire damage
      • medium type armor: protecting against more serious hits from swords, bows, fire damage
      • plate/heavy armor: protects against most damage from swords and bows but is weak against maces/axes
      • different helmet types protecting against instant head hit kills
    • injury system:
      • broken limbs:
        • effect: compromise walking speed or ability to use weapons
        • healed by: x amount of in-game time or injury kit or any ex machina
        • caused by: fall damage, hits from maces or blunt weapons
      • lacerations/bleeding:
        • effect: loosing health and/or weakening attack-power and/or gradually slowing movement speed
        • healed by: bandages
        • caused by: wild animals, cutting weapons, dragons (wait what?)
      • burning (just brainstorming here):
        • effect: losing health, possibly setting thatch roofs on fire
        • healed by: in game time/stopping all movement for x time
        • caused by: fire arrows, fiery siege weapons or dragons (wait what?)
    • combat system is non-perk like: player performance solely rests on players' skill
    • possibly introducing tiered weapons so lighter/faster weapons (or just improved weapons) could be unlocked at the research table
    Okay, so this is what came to mind, this list is by no means complete, so feel free to expand on it anyone.
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  4. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Lances, for dragons riders (wait what?).
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  5. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Oh, a million times yes for M&B/Dank Messiah-style combat!
  6. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    Definitely Agree with M&B style combat system. There are more pressing issues in ME though.
    1. Lack of NPCs
    2. Crafting is too simple and boring
    3. Farming is catastrophycaly simple and boring
    4. Mining needs more chalenge (finding ore is too easy)
    6. chat needs overhaul
    7. Survival mode is pointless since you cant die from hunger (it also need thirst, thermal comfort e.g. possibility to get ill and/or die from cold/hot......)
    8. player gear needs overhaul
    9. lighting needs overhaul (there is magical ambient light in deep caves and other enclosed spaces.)

    SO i would postpone the combat issue to later time.
  7. Frostik Apprentice Engineer

    Agree, survival mode needs a constant threat to work properly and since you canĀ“t starve there is no threat to progress and get better food. But I like the buffs that you gain from eating "healthy".
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.