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Suggestion with control panel system?

Discussion in 'Questions and Suggestions' started by ac19189, Apr 26, 2020.

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  1. ac19189

    ac19189 Apprentice Engineer

    I don't know if a mod is out their or if it could be created but one thing I have noticed is the control panel is super messy the larger a build gets and it really lacks organization. I started building a large base and have resorted to grouping things but even that has managed to get messy. So now my option is to hide stuff and hope I never need it or naming everything. Two options I thought to fix this one less of a pain then the other but both solid ideas.
    Anyone with input or willing to even make a mod be nice.

    Option One Folders...
    Make it so you can create folders that can be opened and collapsed at user will allowing us to break up rooms and sub systems into folders to hide and organize them away. Make it so the user can create folders within folders so on. Meaning I could make a tree like...

    - Docking Platforms
    --Docking Bay 1
    ---Primary Systems
    ----Airlock Doors
    ---Sub Systems
    -----Internal Lights

    Kind of like above where the player can create a tree of folders to help clean up the control panel and make it less of a pain in the butt to find stuff sure its extra work for the player but some of us play SE with role play in mind and this would go a long way to help it.


    Option Two Grouping Permissions...
    This idea is a bit more complex then the one above. When you create a block grouping you can then set a permission level of that grouping so lets say I setup a block group for the docking port lights and I set its permission to level two then I set the control panel I have accessed it from to a permission of level three. When I access this panel because it is above the current permission level of the lights it will allow me to access and edit them. As well as anything the same level or below its current permission levels.

    However if I made a panel at a lower permission level say one then I wouldn't be able to even see the other permission levels above and would only be able to access permissions the same level as the panel or lower.
    While doing its this way would allow for clan ranking which would be great it is a far more complex system.

    Personally I would love to see a hybrid mix of both systems in game just because it would allow for some strong role playing as well as designs for stations on a clan level. Anyway thanks for reading and I am all for input thanks guys.
  2. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    A few years ago Keen declared that they were in the process of completely replacing the user interface with something supposedly more sane, but because of the way the development process works and plans are changed every week, that idea was silently dropped shortly afterwards, there is zero chance of anything being done about the state of the UI at this point. Deal with it, the rest of us have for all these years. :p
  3. ac19189

    ac19189 Apprentice Engineer

    Sure I can see that however the folder idea I was recommending wouldn't require too much in the way of modification to the base game while providing a huge improvement. No real change is needed to the UI other then maybe a two to three buttons and a bit of coding work it doesn't require any meaningful artwork changes or really heavy UI changes. So one could hope is it even possible to "MOD" the ui or is that locked out of the api options.
  4. Malware

    Malware Master Engineer

    We have been asking for a folder structure for years :)

    It can't be modded. If it could, it would have been a long time ago. At best one could create a plugin (which can't be distributed over the workshop) but the workload and trouble that entails with this kind of change would not be worth it.

    PS: If you knew how Keen's old UI framework functioned you would make no statement on how much work this is to accomplish ;)

    They have a better one now, but it's still a considerable workload to replace this screen with that.
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