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Support Portal Code of Conduct

Discussion in 'Forum Rules & News' started by Kienata, Jun 2, 2020.

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  1. Kienata

    Kienata Staff

    Support Portal COC

    Welcome to our community! This is the place where you can interact with other members, VOTE on ideas, feedback, or bugs, and suggest solutions and/or provide valuable feedback to the developers.

    To promote a positive atmosphere and keep this community constructive we must insist that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times when participating in any facet of the community.

    Before you start posting, it is requested to read the below rules. If any of the rules are violated, staff will take the appropriate actions.

    Feedback and Constructive Criticism

    • We invite you to leave any and all feedback, positive or negative.
    • Try to be as constructive as possible by providing reasons why you like or don’t like something in the game and, most importantly, what you feel can be done to make it better.


    • If you have any suggestions/ideas please share them here!

    • We are always looking for new ways to improve! Feedback from our community has shaped Space Engineers into what it is today. We value your time and appreciate you taking a moment from your day to share your ideas with us.

    Bug Reports

    • If you experience any technical difficulties please leave a bug report!
    • Please describe your issue thoroughly. If possible, provide reliable reproduction steps. We also encourage you to attach log files for technical support issues. See How to Find Log Files for information about locating log files.
    • In case you cannot provide reproduction steps, provide as much information as possible, together with screenshots and videos. We will also appreciate a save of your world where you are experiencing the issue. See How to find and attach save files.
    • Please keep in mind that we won't be able to fix an issue without enough relevant information.

    Don't forget to VOTE!

    • Make use of the search feature and first determine if the bug or topic you had in mind already exists!
    • Please feel free to leave a comment and provide additional information on existing topics. If you find that someone else has reported a bug, provided similar feedback, or suggested a similar idea then please, don't forget to add your vote!
    • If you can't find a topic, start a new one! We want to hear from you and the support portal is the best, and most direct way, to share your ideas, feedback, and issues with us!

    Support Portal Rules

    • Posts must be made in the designated language (English). Any threads that are not in English will be removed.
    • Piracy and Pornography! All messages that include linking, mentioning, or promoting piracy content will be deleted and the member will be banned. Pornography is not to be linked or shared on the Support Portal.
    • Spamming and Advertising are not permitted. Posts that include links with the purpose of promoting other products, services, or selling items will be deleted. In the case that the member will repeatedly violate this rule, he/she will be banned from the forums.
    • This is a PG-13 community with people of all ages. Please act appropriately and keep your language clean. There will be zero tolerance for the following: Hate speech (sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.) harassment, stalking, or threats. This includes linked or uploaded material.
    • Religious, National, Racial hatred, etc. Refrain from discussing any religion, religious figure, nationality, race, country, or region. Such subjects have no place here.
    • Threatening or insulting other members, or staff, is not accepted and these messages will be deleted.
    • Posting personal details about another user including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc. is not permitted and any user that does will be immediately removed from the forum.
    • Respect each other's opinions. Don’t try and force your own opinion onto someone or deride what other members believe about the game.
    • Please be respectful. When voicing your opinion regarding one of Keen Software Houses's products, make every effort to do this in a polite and constructive manner.
    • Do not argue with the staff.
    • Multiple accounts are not allowed (alts) and duplicate accounts will be banned.

    Keen Software House reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, without notification of changes.
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