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Survival improvements

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Vsevolod, Jun 26, 2020.

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  1. Vsevolod

    Vsevolod Trainee Engineer

    First let me thanks the devs for such a great game. It's really the best sandbox game I've ever played.

    I am a big fan of survival mode, and currently I see two problems in survival:
    1. Life doesn't really matter - in case of death you lose only a little bit of resources. It's always profitably to lose your life than your ship. (Yea, there is "permanent death" option, but it's more annoying than effective - to grind and weld back your own stuff)
    2. We have progression system but it's more like guiding system - it manages the order of your building.
    I would love to improve these aspects and maybe someone could recommend me some mods, but now I have a few suggestion that might help from my point of view:


    To make life matters we can punish for death or reward for long life. The second option is much better in my opinion. What kind of reward? I suppose it might be:
    • engineer mining/welding/grinding speed bonuses, energy and life bonuses
    • something completely new - opportunity to order assembling not only a block but an entire blueprint, opportunity to upgrade light armor to heavy with extra resources in inventory e.t.c.
    These bonuses/skills increases/opens with life time/built block number and lost at death. We can even explain it in game lore - each time you re spawn, you actually get a clone of yourself, so you lose all motor habits and of your old body.


    I was very encouraged when economic update released - new NPCs could open the new world of opportunities. But they only sell ships that you can build on your own. There are really cool ships, but isn't it better to use NPCs to open new opportunities to a player? Something that he can't get any other way? It will make a natural progression - you start, build first stuff, find better resources, manage to go out to space, build even more staff and found more resources, and then go to NPC for middle-end game stuff.
    • NPCs can sell designs of new blocks that you can build only after purchasing it (from banal 1.5 effectiveness reactor to automate drilling station to ultra-mega-giga-super canon that crushes the client of a player you shoot at!!!1!).
    • They can sell a special resource that is required for such blocks to build. This system would also made ships that they sell more valuable - you can use them and they already have some blocks that are currently blocked to you
    Thanks for reading, English is not my strongest side)


    I am a programmer but never worked with SE mods. If someone is interested in making such mods and want to work together - would appreciate if you communicate to me.
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  2. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    On my Hardcore Survival server :
    No (modifyd) Medbay allow respawn
    on death you are spawn only on an closed room (respawn grid)
    here only an (modifyd) stargate with dial device - you can build "one" self on your base (but you cant build an dial device)
    So after death you get time lost (respawn > dial stargate > back on your stargate)
    lost food/water (have food system and respawn is with very low values)
    and have only "one" point to go back in game (so it is your decision where this point is - the only one stargate you can build - on the earth base - on the space base .. other planet .. ? your decision )
    no "dial devices" or additionaly stargates can be build from players - the it is an one-way system, Respawn stargate > your stargate (maybe much later you found the needed ores ...... on looong distant dangerous worlds ..)
    the only thing i would like additionaly is an adjustable credits decrase on death ...

    on an "survival" game, death should be HARD - no question
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.