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Faction The Dominion of Man

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by stipess, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. stipess Trainee Engineer


    1.0. Introduction

    The Dominion of Man is a form of a despotic hegemony which consists of two ruling bodies - the Emperor and the Senate. The Senate is made up of 30 senators chosen by the Emperor each specialized in a certain field of science, economy or politics. Whilst the Senate's legislative, executive, and judiciary powers are mostly ceremonial, it does handle most of societal governing. The true power lies with the Emperor and is passed down the dynasty. If the Emperor dies without an heir, the Senate receives emergency powers and fully governs the Empire until a newly elected Emperor.

    The Dominion of Man was founded by one of the seedships that left Earth after a devastating war that forsake the planet and everyone who decided to stay there. The seedship “Korhal”, after which TDM’s capital planet is now called, carried over 10,000 human refugees who sought to rebuild the crown jewel of Milky Way that is Earth somewhere else. During the travels, human colonists of the seedship Korhal encountered many alien species and most of those encounters didn’t end up in their favour. It’s possible to assume that Xenophobia and anthropocentrism among humans aboard Korhal is the result of those encounters.

    MOTTO: “Mankind redefined.”

    SALUTE: “Long Live the Empire!”

    1.1. Capital Planet

    After arriving on an Earth-like planet, humans from the seedship “Korhal”, despite many cultural, linguistic and religious differences, have sworn to never fight amongst each other again and to protect their species from the alien threats that loom this new part of the universe. The survivors from the seedship Korhal were rallied behind a charismatic and strong-willed leader Lydia Mengsk who promised peace, justice, freedom and security for the human species and retribution against any crimes committed or not by any non-human threat.

    Many years from then, Korhal is now one big city-planet with skyscrapers reaching clouds. The center of the city and the planet is a gigantic palace which houses the Senate and is the seat of the Emperor. Life on Korhal is surprisingly good, with, while still existing, very little poverty and pollution.

    1.2. Human Species (Extract from Wikipedia)

    Humans (taxonomically Homo sapiens) are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina. The Hominina are sister of the Chimpanzees with which they form the Hominini belonging to the family of great apes. They are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion; high manual dexterity and heavy tool use compared to other animals on Earth; open-ended and complex language use compared to other animal communications; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies.

    The spread of humans and their large and increasing population has had a profound impact on large areas of the environment and millions of native species on Earth. Advantages that explain this evolutionary success include a relatively larger brain with a particularly well-developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, which enable high levels of abstract reasoning, language, problem solving, sociality, and culture through social learning. Humans used tools to a much higher degree than any other animal, are the only extant species known to build fires and cook their food, and are the only extant species on Earth to clothe themselves and create and use numerous other technologies and arts.

    2.0. Modern Dominion

    After a newly elected emperor Arcturus Mengsk, Korhal was going through a stage of stagnation, with no real progress in terms of expansion. Local rebellions still clinging to the ideals of old Earth have been tearing up the planet and it was at the brink of anarchy. The charismatic emperor rallied humans and promised them dominion over the stars. Massive militarization started, industry has gone through overwork and colony ships were built to expand The Dominion.

    Arcturus Mengsk’s speech[1]:

    “Fellow Terrans, I come to you in the wake of recent events to issue a call to reason. Let no human deny the perils of our time. Our beloved planet can no longer support us, it’s time to spread among the stars!

    We shall no longer hide and cower from the universe, for it’s time for the universe to start cowering from us! History has taught us a lesson, the planet our species came from, Earth, was destroyed while we battled one another, divided by the petty strife of our common history. This I say to you now, will not happen again!

    We have seen what monstrosities lie in the great unknown, we have seen what kind of a threat to our very existence they pose! If we are to survive, we must rally as one and set out for the stars!

    From this day forward, let no human make war upon any other human. Let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning. And let no man consort with alien powers. And to all the enemies of humanity, seek not to bar our way, for we shall win through… No matter the cost.”

    [1] inspired by “I, Mengsk” by Graham McNeill

    2.1. Dominion Military

    The Dominion military consists of three branches.

    • Dominion Defense Regiment

    • Military Assault Command

    • Overwatch

    • Dominion Armada

    Dominion Defense Regiment (DDR for short) is a branch of the Dominion Military that specialises in defending Dominion territory. They are usually deployed on planets bordering a hostile faction and are ready to defend humanity whatever the cost.

    Military Assault Command (MACO) is a branch of the Dominion Military that specialises in assault and other offensive operations. They are the Dominion’s main line of military during war, and their motto is: “When the dust settles, humanity shall prevail!.

    Overwatch is the Empire's paramilitary order specialised in intelligence gathering and covert operations. They're also used as a personal guard for the Emperor and other persons of interest. Overwatch was created by the founders of the Dominion to ensure that the Dominion remains an autocracy and it is led by government officials handpicked by the Emperor.

    Dominion Armada is a branch of the Dominion Military which sole purpose is manning and operating dominion spaceships. They are the main military branch during space battles, and they transport other military branches when needed.

    Dominion Armada is run by a council of 3 admirals, each chosen by the Emperor, or the Senate. The following are the ranks within the Dominion Armada:

    • Admiral

    • Fleet Commander

    • Overseer

    • Captain

    • Lieutenant

    • Ensign

    • Recruit

    2.2. Dominion Industry

    Humans of the Dominion are highly industrious, very efficient in production of all kinds of things. There are 3 types of industrial buildings in the Dominion:

    • Civilian Production Facility
    A production facility/factory whose main purpose is the production, design and maintenance of materials, equipment and products used by the civilian sector.

    • Military Production Facility
    A production facility/factory whose main purpose in production, design and maintenance of military equipment, armament and ground vehicles.

    • Atlas
    Atlas is a private military corporation employed by the Dominion and is in charge of design, repair, maintenance and production of all Dominion spaceships, starbases and other space facilities.

    2.3. Politics and Diplomacy Within and Outside the Dominion

    The Dominion has always acted upon an opportunity, no matter how dangerous, costly or potentially evil it is. They are willing to cooperate with alien races as long as it only benefits them, and in some cases, even form a healthy relationship. The Dominion is also happy to sacrifice almost anything to achieve scientific goals, from live experiments to destruction of an entire ecosystem. Saying that, it goes without a doubt that the Dominion is not necessarily a xenophobic empire, but rather anthropocentric.

    To prevent the Senate from not electing a new Emperor if the previous one dies without an heir, Overwatch gives them 6 months, after which, if no Emperor is elected, the Senate is disbanded and new members are chosen by Overwatch.

    The Dominion rallies humans under the pretense that all alien life is inferior. They, however, unlike most authoritarian societies don’t discriminate, devaluate, enslave or harm their own species in any way. That is mostly due to the fundamental principles that the Dominion was founded upon: to protect and advance humanity forward.


    Example of The Dominion propaganda

    While the Dominion won’t start a war if they are unsure of the outcome, during peace (or while bordering an alien civilization that is equally as powerful or more powerful than The Dominion), they are willing to, as stated above, engage in limited commercial, technological and diplomatic interactions with the bordering civilization.