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Update 01.080 - Cryo chamber, New character model and animations

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Cryo chamber has been added. It allows clients/players to save content of their inventory and toolbar settings in multiplayer and dedicated server. The client can enter the cryo chamber and leave the game. When he logs in again, he will spawn inside the cryo chamber instead of the medical room. If the cryo chamber is destroyed, or loses power or oxygen while your character is inside, then he will die.

    Moreover, we implemented a new character model and animations, including walking/running, equipping tools, flying with jet-pack, etc. Also, the running speed has become slightly slower.

    Warning: The character rig changes will cause old character/animation mods to lose their functionality (because the character bones have changed). Character mods with just a texture change should be fine. Please read this guide to see how you can change your mods so they can be functional with the new system: http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=433069217

    - Cryo chamber
    - New character animations
    - New character model with rag-doll

    - fixed oxygen farm not working in survival
    - fixed construction model of oxygen farm

    EDIT 05/01/2015:
    Update 01.080.012

    - fixed crash when character dies during turret fire
    Last edited: May 1, 2015
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  2. Ericius11 Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome! Can't wait to try it out.

    Whoo, FIRST! Do I get a cookie?
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  3. SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    I've been talking about adding this for a long time, good job Keen, I think you just made a great deal of people including some server owners very happy ;)
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  4. LetTheWookieeWin Apprentice Engineer

    Nice. Can't wait to get home and try it.
  5. MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    Hmm, cryo chamber? Interresting.

    So, the character has really weird animation when you are just floating and not moving (or even when you move):

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
  6. Dreokor Senior Engineer

    I hope I can build them in survival, just for decoration.
  7. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Very nice addition!
  8. Hajadda Trainee Engineer

    4th at least... strike that 6th
  9. Lrj52 Apprentice Engineer

  10. shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    First thought (before watching) - Cryo chamber? O_o
  11. Jason45PC Trainee Engineer


    The new Walking animation looks so swag
  12. MrJinx Apprentice Engineer

    Nice update keen Well Done!
  13. donteven Trainee Engineer

    new rigging, oh yeah!
  14. TEOTWAWKI Junior Engineer

    Huh... interesting... can't wait to test out the rag doll effects... time to start flying into things :D
  15. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    No, slap up back of head more like it.
  16. mexmer Senior Engineer

    i don't get this, there is no issue with character toolbars not saving on DS, there is issue with SHIP specific toolbars not saving on DS. does this cryo thing fixes THIS issue.
    because regular engineer toolbar is always saved upon logout (i have same toolbar all time when i'm on platform, only problem is, when i enter/leave cockpit, i'm loosing toolbars i've set for that cockpit).
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  17. dvsmessiah Trainee Engineer

    Wow Rag doll physics...i am impressed
  18. iueras Trainee Engineer

    What happens when a world is loaded and you get the power "flicker" as your solar panels come up? Does the cryo chamber kill the occupant?
    Also, any fixes for the mining sim speed that was broken in 1.075?
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  19. Volfram Senior Engineer

    I like the cryo-chamber. I think I'd loosen the ragdolling in flight mode, personally. Is there going to be an improvement pass on bounding volumes, too? (referencing the astronaut bump in the video where they never touched at all)
  20. Kham Apprentice Engineer

    I'm curious about this too. I've never had a problem with my personal toolbar saving when on our dedicated server. It's the ships that are a pain in the backside and never save (unless you blueprint them, then build the cockpit from the updated blueprint). I'm hoping this could solve that issue but the wording implies it only affects character toolbar.
  21. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    WTF are those flabby arms and legs while flying on jetpack?!

    Ok ok, that's cool and all, but, really? The Spaceman shut off his muscles when enterring in flight or what? ...
  22. Gentry Senior Engineer

    time to build long distance sleeper ships

    hello what is inertia
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  23. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Will cryo chambers solve the issue of encountering planets that do not exist in our solar system?
  24. Gentry Senior Engineer

    This game is not set over multiple solar systems.
  25. Lexator 2 Trainee Engineer

    awesome update! i already see a few problems though, when in 3rd person view and your holding a block active, your right hand glitches a bit and doesnt look very pleasant, and also when you are holding the grinder in first person view, the left hand is not holding the grinder propperly but other wise it looks very good and awesome!

    @ Volfarm: i dont think they should loosen rag doll in flight mode any more than they already have because then it would be asif they were on earth with the air and pressure of the air and its effects on your limbs. so the stiffness is fair considering no atmospherically pressure on the body limbs
  26. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    Nice update as normally keen :)

    I am happy that steam removed paid mods from the workshop. But it still makes me thinking how modern can get some money for their work. The idea that I came up with would be that once a month or every two week KSW is creating a list of the top 10 rated mods that could be useful in the game. People who want to vote for one of the mods have to pay something like 1€. At the end of a given time period the mod with the most votes would be implemented into the game. Each mod creator would get 75% of the money that was voted for him than 15% of the voted money goes to KSW for making awesome updates and creating these voting list. And the last 10% are going to the mod creator who actually wins the vote.

    This are just some thoughts would be nice if some of you would say what they think about this :D
  27. rottielover Apprentice Engineer

    Yes, known issue on DS's for a very long time now. I'm not exactly sure what the point of the cryo chamber is.... The way we've played on DS's forever has been to empty inventory to a cargo container and log out, when you come back you spawn at a medbay. I guess you get to leave things exactly as-is by not having to empty your inventory and spawn at the medbay... Still I hope they are going somewhere with this, I just fail to see where.

    Other 1/2 of the update looks good,
  28. Defcon Trainee Engineer

    Would be nice if someone *cough* Keen *cough* would fix their character MOD with the pirate suit to have no helmet and new ragdoll effects... just a thought. :)
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  29. mhalpern Senior Engineer


    What issue? we have basically established that SE-verse solar system is not OUR solar system.
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  30. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Most of the times I've played online, when I re-join the server the toolbar has to be set up all over again. It only remembers if you are hosting.
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  31. Rommel Trainee Engineer

    And still no fix for mining. Im very disappointed
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.