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Update 1.182.0 - Major Optimizations, Reduced Loading Times & More!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. flexx

    flexx SE Asst. Producer Staff

    Hello, Engineers! We are extremely excited to announce that today we are releasing the next major update for the game which contains a huge batch of optimisations and improvements!

    The biggest area of improvements is to render performance with textures and models now being loaded asynchronously. As a more specific example of an improvement area, CPU performance has been optimized to run Easy Start Earth and 16-ships flying scenario in 60fps on 3GHz Hyperthreaded Quad Core Processor. Meanwhile, GPU performance has been optimized to run the Easy Start Earth scenario at 60fps on 1080p High settings on nVidia 980 GTX. Please keep in mind that increased performance is not limited to only these scenarios but will positively impact most, if not all worlds and hardware configurations. We’ve also added new shader quality options in graphical settings which affects the quality of Atmosphere, Trees and Voxel rendering. Detection of GPU performance now occurs upon first startup of the game and shadows are now higher quality in general although tree shadows will now be disabled on low settings. Multi-threading as well as indirect lighting has been fixed on Intel GPUs and some compatibility issues with the Windows 10 creators update were resolved.

    Other optimizations include loading times being massively reduced for both game worlds and the copying and pasting of grids. For those of you who are interested, this was achieved by using cached proto-buffer files.

    Moving on to some smaller changes, we improved tool animations even more and increased the visibility of certain HUD elements. Additionally, there are many other general improvements in this update which should fix lots of issues that players have been experiencing.

    The team would just like to once again remind you that as this is a major update, there has been many significant changes made to code so we will especially appreciate any bug reports sent in by the community. This will allow us to find issues quicker and get them fixed as soon as possible. It’s also worth pointing out that if necessary, you can always revert to a previous major version of the game via the betas tab in steam under game properties.

    Render optimizations and fixes:
    • Textures and models are loaded asynchronously
      • CPU performance optimized to run Easy Start Earth and 16-ships flying scenario in 60fps on 3GHz 4-hyperthread CPU
      • Detection of GPU performance on first startup of the game
      • GPU performance optimized to run Easy Start Earth:
      • 60fps on 1080p High settings on nVidia 980 GTX
      • 60fps on 720p Medium settings on nVidia 750 GTX
      • 30fps on 720p Low settings on Intel GPUs
      • New shader quality settings introduced in Options, affecting quality of atmosphere, trees and voxel rendering (voxel texture emissives are now working, but only for High shader quality)
      • Better quality of shadows, disabled tree shadows on Low settings
      • Windows 10 creators update compatibility fixed
      • Dark side of glass occludes flares (IsFlareOccluder tag in TransparentMaterials.sbc)
      • Fixed multi-threading on Intel GPUs
      • Fixed indirect lighting on Intel GPUs
      • Fixed flare attenuation
    Other optimizations:
    • Internal game worlds will deserialize faster now (using cached proto-buffer files)
    • Pasting of grids (cloning, preview mode and placing the entity)
    NPC behavior changes:
    • Wolves and Sabiroids now only attack the character. They will not attack grids. Also wolf corpses are heavier now.
    Art Changes:
    • Improved tool animations
    • Improved the visibility for HUD elements
    • New cryo chamber interior
    • Fixed not working height offset option for wheels with suspension block
    • Fixed "killer doors bug" edge case
    • Fixed issue with modded doors being walk through despite being closed
    • Fixed another block placement case
    • Fixed displaced selection of blocks with welder and grinder
    • Fixed dirty glass in cockpit and fighter cockpit block
    • Fixed crash when colliding into a asteroid with a grid
    • Fixed bullet holes not appearing on cockpit glass
    • Fixed case with camera clipping into character head while in 3rd person
    • Fixed case with camera switches from 3rd to 1st caused by spawned or dropped items
    • Fixed looping preview for blocks when aiming at edge of another block
    • Fixed assembler on realistic not producing any components
    • Fixed assembler draining power when not in use
    • Fixed timer block issue where it would not resume counting down its timer after being powered on and off
    • Fixed interior turrets shooting above wolves and spiders
    • Fixed problems with controlling ships not displaying the correct speed while in turret mode
    • Fixed muzzle effect while using gatling gun
    • Fixed emissivity issue for modules
    • Fixed the emissivity for mag boots when off to be completly non emissive
    • Fixed LCD panel shows Offline even when it is powered
    • Fixed issue with battery control panel and Battery block loosing emissivity after unmerging
    • Fixed landing gear block detaching from grids when merging
    • Fixed issue with lights not moving after unmerging a ship/vehicle
    • Fixed offset of interior lights when connectiong another blueprint to a grid
    • Fixed space ball block constantly broadcasting despite having the option turned off
    • Fixed jump drive particle missing for other players in MP
    • Fixed issue while in remote control the distance now relates to the Remote control block and not the player
    • Fixed issue with sealed hangar door not having oxygen near it
    • Fixed issue where depressurising and pressurising the room would generate oxygen (offset should be around 0,01 percent now)
    • Fixed issue where while invulnerable the player would die in cockpits without oxygen
    • Fixed reloadable rocket launcher not reloading
    • Fixed odd piloting issues with cargo ships
    • Fixed wheel suspension 1x1 still spinning in space small grid
    • Fixed meteors hitting voxel asteroids on the inside causing "square craters"
    • Fixed issue where animation for tools would play but nothing would happen to the block
    • Fixed buttons keeping its label after the action is removed
    • Fixed server parameters not reseting to default properly
    • Fixed HUD displaying in the respawn screen on DS
    Hotfix 1.182.17
    • Fixed various crashes
    • Fixed not working replace with clipboard function
    • Fixed missing character emissives
    • Fixed Invulnerable function on DS
    Hotfix 1.182.18
    • Fixed "paper blocks"
    • Fixed wild door collision on fast moving ship
    • Fixed render crash
    Hotfix 1.182.19
    • Fixed campaign blocker
    • Fixed crash when saving or loading the scene
    • Fixed crash when attempting to display server details for server with different version
    • Fixed issue where doors would kill you if standing near them for a time
    • Fixed items in toolbar slots not showing when loading up a world
    • Fixed issue with gatling gun block not being placeable in Survival mode
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  2. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer


    Nope. <3 Rexxar
  3. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    yay long list
  4. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

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  5. mdram

    mdram Apprentice Engineer

    does thie mean

    Wolves and Sabiroids now only attack the character. They will not attack grids.

    they wont eat your base?
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  6. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    This is for Survival (and the cheat generating resources for free ..) an big step ... would be much better , if this always an negative result - so the drain is very little (acceptable..) but it is in no way usable to generate resources ...
  7. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    So apparently today isn't Wednesday. I see how it is.

    Await my judgement.

    Edit: for some illuminating numbers that would just spam the Update thread with videos i have posted this here, from the oldest Branch that actually loads the Tapping, to today's patch: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/t...a-build-thread.7366561page-$1.html#post-1287063183
    The progress is quite impressive.


    This picture really says a lot. Note SimSpeed, Ship Speed and FPS.
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  8. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    soo...wheel height offset fixed .... this is good

    fixing wolves attacking grids.....this is also good

    Fixed Sabiroids attacking grids ...well...why not have SOME creature that does this? or can creatures only ever have one type of behaviour?
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  9. DocMop

    DocMop Junior Engineer

    Now, THAT are Patchnotes. Structured and complete (don't let me down here).
    I appreciate this very much, even searched for my login credentials just to post this here.
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  10. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin

    Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Yes! Optimizations! OPTIMIZE ALL THE THINGS!!! :carlton:

    Oh, sweet! This has been one of the things preventing a good survival game; now my protective structures can be used like they are in any other survival game, to actually ... well, protect me. This is a really good balance measure.

    This does leave me with the question of whether the role of a threat to grids will be provided by the game's drones, or by some yet-to-be-added NPC threat. Time will tell!


    ... I didn't actually notice it was dirty this time, but yay!

    That's been a problem for a long time, so it's good that it's been fixed. Less urgent, now that they won't omnomnom my structures, but very good regardless.
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  11. Silentfighter89

    Silentfighter89 Trainee Engineer

    Oh wow....I didn't expect a major this week...and what an update...first thx for the hard work on the performance side and the clear ressponce to some major bugs. Not only in terms of "it's fixed but also the communication that you know about it and working on it. If we see that you are listening we will be more than happy to report bugs. I know a lot of people who will be more than happy to hear that. I will jump right in when i'm home and start bug hunting. Keep up the good work.
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  12. Sykel

    Sykel Trainee Engineer

    such a great work guys, optimization and bug fixes are always welcome, thank you so much!!
  13. MrJinx

    MrJinx Apprentice Engineer

    Cool Stuff!

    1st.... ....................................................................................................................... Page! :tu::woot:
  14. Merandix

    Merandix Junior Engineer

    That seems like a very nice stability minded update.

    I also appreciate wolves and sabiroids no longer eating ships for breakfast. This may actually lead to me playing with them turned on.
    In the future, I hope they get some more advanced behaviour, where there are predictable conditions to their attacks. Turning off mobs randomly attacking structures is a very good decision! Thanks Keen!

    Also, I noticed a fairly large change in the way the SE team communicates with the player-base on the forum, kudo's to that!

    And last but not least... any news on those recently teased teasers? How about parachutes, windmills and internal combustion engines? I'm very curious about those :)
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  15. JD.Horx

    JD.Horx Senior Engineer

    Yay! Performance! Fixes!

    When will the game content patches roll out?
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  16. macgeifer

    macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    something happend to wheel suspensions...and its not good :(

    edit: seems like some reset but they work now better than before^^
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
  17. Saberwulfy

    Saberwulfy Apprentice Engineer

    Most important update:
    • According to wikipedia wolves are carnivores. Sorry, we are not biologists. :carlton:
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  18. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    hah heh heh no longer with i leave my rover for some ore and come back a simple frame based rover that was torn to pieces by the local wildlife.
    it was like something out of a horror because i'd turn around to see a cyber hounds red eyes in the dark and i'd leap into orbit from the fright
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  19. CrazyEd

    CrazyEd Trainee Engineer

    YAY for the new view from cryo chambers !!!!!!!!!
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  20. theorytard

    theorytard Trainee Engineer

    I love how it now tells you your CPU and gpu load
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  21. cpy

    cpy Trainee Engineer

    Are multiplayer wheel fixes in or is it still planned in future updates?
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  22. Sevnn

    Sevnn Trainee Engineer

    Hopefully I'll be able to answer this myself but anyone know if this is the 1KW idle power usage, or the much more damaging 560KW of power usage when the assembler doesn't have the resources needed to build the queue? The later is (was hopefully) a significant issue in survival worlds where power is a precious commodity. A stuck assembler left on over night and your base is useless.

    The Tapping running at 34 FPS and 0.88 SS? Rotal, are you able to contain your excitement right now? I know time will tell but WOW, that is a significant improvement from what I've understood she does to the game engine.

    I'm EXTREMELY excited about this update and will gladly accept any bugs that come as a result of such a strong effort for overall improvement. That said... any word on the inventory desync bug?
  23. zDeveloper10

    zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    haha I was always more worried about my grids than my character. most of the time, if they could even see the grid(and not just stop and attack the air), they would be so focused on destroying my walls and cars that they didn't notice my character at all. but that did a whole lot more damage, so I was like "ugh here they are again to destroy my stuff"
  24. Silvoan

    Silvoan Trainee Engineer

    Does this include small grids? Will they attack small manned vehicles?
  25. meow-zero

    meow-zero Trainee Engineer

    This looks promising, cant wait to get some fleets together on MP and see how it works.
  26. AutoMcD

    AutoMcD Senior Engineer

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  27. himself

    himself Trainee Engineer

    Looks like LCDs are missing a LOD texture on the backs
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  28. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    Update "is" nice ....
    On DS ->
    Wheels hight offset CAN set again - NICE (but no other changes to the actual wheels code imho - no difference .. only hight offset usage fixed ..)
    Modded Dors are CLOSE again - NICE
    FPS a little bosstet (but was always few problems in 2k)
    .. we have many many blocks (over 200mods) - and in the past, if you press first time "G" - it takes ages and full client freeze for this time - now it is on my PC instant - VERY NICE
    BUT ...
    Still the Mars moon is not visible from earth (very BAD LOD bahavor ..)
    And i have checked if he realy not visible or only on the other side of the mars - fly in space master mode to mars .. boom- the mond is rendered (was hidden ..) - and the client crash ...
    And load times at best 15-20sec better ....
  29. Fragstore

    Fragstore Trainee Engineer

    Good job guys! The performance is awesome. Cryo chambers looks nice!

    I'm looking forward into a great Space Engineers future! ;)
  30. Asylumdown

    Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    I think I've found a possible bug. Just loaded a world I was working on yesterday where I had landed a smallish large grid ship on the moon. Just tried moving it, and if any part of the ship (landing gears included) comes in even the slightest contact with the surface, it's destroyed instantly. My ship was able to rest on the ground with the landing gears unlocked and the thrusters off yesterday.
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