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Update 1.187.1 – Minor Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers!
    Today's minor update brings you more dedicated server GUI and Remote Client improvements, more descriptive tool tips for trash removal settings and lots of quality of life improvements and fixes. To name a few, we have addressed a rare issue with cars, which should prevent these vehicles from experiencing explosions. And we fixed slow loading times or issue with Game is already saving.
    We are so happy that you are enjoying Space Engineers multiplayer, every stream, youtube video or game session we see is an absolute blast of fun. And that is the best outcome we could have hoped for.
    But in case you are experiencing any issues, please visit our new support page: https://support.keenswh.com/
    We will try to help you as soon as possible.
    Have fun!


    New Features & Improvements
    • DS GUI – support for changing loading order of mods, mod info and mod removal with a button
    • DS GUI – support for properties in plugin configuration
    • Remote Client – lost connection notification
    • Remote Client – selecting notification shows server
    • Remote Client – support for opening all profiles with one click
    • More descriptive tool tips for trash removal settings in the game
    Fixes for following cases
    • Rare issue leading to exploding cars
    • Slow loading of mods
    • World can't be loaded – Exception occured: newEntity: VRage.Game.Entity.MyEntity
    • System.Net.Sockets.SocketException
    • System.NullReferenceException at Sandbox.Engine.Multiplayer.MyDedicatedServerBase.SendJoinResult
    • System.NullReferenceException at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.MoveBlocks
    • System.NullReferenceException at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenMods.RefreshGameList
    • System.NullReferenceException at Sandbox.Game.World.Generator.MyProceduralWorldModule.GetCellDensityFunctionRemoved
    • System.NullReferenceException at Sandbox.Game.World.MyPrefabManager.CreateGridsData.OnGridsCreated
    • System.NullReferenceExceptionat Sandbox.Game.WorldEnvironment.MyLogicalEnvironmentSectorReplicable.OnDestroyClient
    • Crash at VRage.Steam.MySteamPeer2Peer.IsPacketAvailable(UInt32& msgSize, Int32 channel)
    • Crash when spectating around Europa
    • ParallelTasks.TaskException at Sandbox.Game.Weapons.MyLargeTurretBase.Closing
    • Leaking entities in EntityIdentifier
    • High velocity bodies freezing physics simulation/game (and ultimately servers)
    • Issue when loading worlds with invalid values freezing game
    • Super long loading of a world started as DS
    • Shield Mods cannot affect WarHead's inner circle damage
    • Issue with Game is already saving
    • Inviting a friend forces him to your MP without his input
    • Character standing on anything dynamic can lead to rubber-banding
    • Character standing on the surface of wheels can lead to rubber-banding
    • Character flying in jet-pack around a rotating grid can lead to rubber-banding when turning jet-pack off/on
    • Big grids interacting with smaller grids in high velocities can lead to clipping and rubber-banding on DS
    • Ore deposit markers stay in the world after removing ore detectors on DS
    • Ore deposits are shown even when out of range
    • Turning off "broadcast using antennas" in Ore detector turned off the deposit locations even for players in a cockpit on the same grid
    • Laser Antenna disconnects beyond 4km distance on DS
    • Remote Control through Antennas could become impossible and made the player stuck
    • Magnetic boots of other player not indicating on DS
    • Looking up and down with a tool is not fluent for other players on DS
    • Programmable block running on multiplayer clients
    • Programmable block runs twice per tick and can't be stopped
    • Random delays before ship's physics activates
    • Players should no longer be able to circumvent admin rights when making changes to factions
    • Specific block limits can be overcome by moving blocks between factions
    • Grids cannot be manipulated through Info screen with PCU limits set to None
    • Player cannot transfer authorship of a grid when Global PCU limits are reached
    • Trash Removal unsaved changes warning
    • Filtering by mods in Advanced does nothing in Join Game list
    • Invalid material warning in creative
    • Impact sounds of predicted grids are repeated multiple times
    • Moving selection in respawn screen by Up, Down arrows leads to not loading everything properly
    • Double placement sound in survival
    • Can't connect to a server through Direct connect
    • Inventory selection is not persistent after closing the screen
    Hotfix 1.187.101

    • Most frequent game crash: System.NullReferenceException_Sandbox.Game.Entities.Character.MyCharacter.OnBootsStateChanged
    • Issue with missing emissive stripes on magboots
    Keen Software House team
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  2. Llessur

    Llessur Apprentice Engineer

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  3. northypark

    northypark Trainee Engineer

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  4. beelzerob

    beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, nice bugfix list
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  5. Tmoire

    Tmoire Trainee Engineer

    • Inviting a friend forces him to your MP without his input
    That's a wonderful feature
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  6. w4stedspace

    w4stedspace Trainee Engineer

    Nice to see some fixes, especially as it also confirms some issues as game bugs and not issues with how servers are setup etc....


    Control + Delete is an already used rotation keybind to rotate things by 90degree increments. It should not also remove whatever grid you are looking at with no confirmation and without putting it onto the clipboard. Overlapping keybinds are a bit of a joke in SE anyway with how many do multiple things, but hard removing a grid from the game if you have admin tools is a pretty dumb overlap.

    I know Xoc has been plagued by this one also... so disappointed it's still not fixed, that can cost huge amounts of work in the right circumstances.
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  7. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    Huh! An update on a monday, out of the blue!
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  8. Tracecat

    Tracecat Trainee Engineer

    • Rare issue leading to exploding cars

      Hmm I'm wondering if i now can disconnect a car from the base connector wih activated handbreaks. So far this always resulted in funny explosions ;-)
  9. jozsefsz

    jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    I'm glad that the new support page is working this well. Lots of fixes in such a short time.
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  10. Udrakan

    Udrakan Apprentice Engineer

    You are killing it Keen! Great job!
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  11. Tmoire

    Tmoire Trainee Engineer

    That's right! Another awful overlapping keybind is Shift + Mouse Scroll for changing spectator camera speed when Shift already makes said camera go faster.
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  12. Echillion

    Echillion Senior Engineer

    They had to alot of people had to revert to 186 as the advanced settings for setting up games were not showing up and had to revert to 186 to get SP to work including myself.
  13. WipeOuttt

    WipeOuttt Trainee Engineer

    Anyone els have problems updating dedicated server to 1187100 ?

    Cant get the server to update. I have tryed using the SteamCMD but it still installes the old version.
  14. Petr Beranek

    Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    Yeah, I loved it too, it was great for trolling people :D I was sad when I had to fix it... it was a sad day. :D
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  15. Filip

    Filip Staff

    Delete Steam caches before updating, or you can just reinstall.
  16. Petr Beranek

    Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    Oh... we have already discussed it, but it haven't made it in, I will bring it up tomorrow. (Personally I had no idea that it is used for 90 deg rotations, learning things every day :D )
    --- Automerge ---
    Inflex would give more info about it, but that should be probably safe. Unless there were more different kinds of carsplosions. (this was after driving for some time and you went far enough from car, wheels would explode when conditions were right)
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  17. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    I just got out of a SE session few minutes before. For me this update 1.187.1 worked great. Could finally load my 1.186 save.
    Thanks for the speedy work goes to Petr and our heroes from SE dev team.
    (And I did not have to abandon a mod for that)
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  18. RandomBlue

    RandomBlue Trainee Engineer

    Still seeing really slow loading when connecting to DS with planets enabled. After loading it, it takes ~5 minutes to finish streaming planet data on a fast server with tons of bandwidth. You can move, unless you're in a cryopod, but can't interact with anything until planet streaming completes. No chat messages show during that time and ping times in F3 just show as '---' until streaming is done.

    Connecting to this server will demonstrate the problem, all players are seeing it: https://space-engineers.com/server/101350/

    e: It took the same amount of time for me to connect in the prior release, 1.187
  19. Smokki

    Smokki Trainee Engineer

    Please can you give some details what was changed with wheels in the 1.187. They were perfect before 1.187, now they behave like all the improvements in 1.186 have been reverted :(. I had such a good time finally building rovers that functioned like you would expect them to and now it's back to building oversized rovers with friction turned all the way down.
  20. DigitalStone

    DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    I see what you did there...;)
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  21. Petr Beranek

    Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    Ehm... I am innocent, it was not my fault! :D I didn't do anything, I just checked what was causing problem (there was something really wrong with mod Mech's mods: Gear and Things which crashed during 5th and 6th stage of loading)

    That can be seen in log as:
    MOD_CRITICAL_ERROR: [DX11] Mech's Mods: Gears & Things
    2018-08-06 09:57:22.530 - Thread: 1 -> in file:
    2018-08-06 09:57:22.530 - Thread: 1 -> MOD PARTIALLY SKIPPED, LOADED ONLY 6/6 PHASES, Following Error occured:

    If world with mods cant be loaded, it is alway good to check log, if there is something like this, it mean world will be corrupted ( acrually there is bug in it too, 6/6 means it crashed in 6th phase and that 6th phase is not complete)

    But it is great to know it is not wixed, so I have free evening :D
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  22. Inflex

    Inflex Developer Staff

    as far as I can tell, there were no (intentional) changes done to functionality of wheels since 186.

    If you feel like something has drastically changed and wheels doesn't work as good as they use to, please switch back to 186 via Steam backups and make some apples to apples comparison between current and last version and let us know (if possible with some videos and save of your testing world) so we can fix it.

    Keep in mind that we have special page for bug and other issue reports (https://support.keenswh.com) so please forward your further responses regarding this topic to this page so it doesn't get lost in this thread.
    Thank you.
  23. Smokki

    Smokki Trainee Engineer

    Thank you! I played a lot with rovers after the 186 all the way to 186.5. The change was immeadately noticeable after I tested my rovers in 187. Here is the report, should be fairly easy to confirm https://support.keenswh.com/spaceen...k-to-pre-wheel-update-levels-of-functionality
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  24. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    I can confirm that because: In the screen at the beginning, when it lists all mods doing problems on the right screen edge, this one is the only one with critical errors (written in red) on top of the list. I could even throw it out without consequences, as I have never built anything with gears (yeah don't ask me why I have this activated for years without using it...).
    By the way, I also had a nice increase of sim speed compared with 1.186. Maybe would already have been in 1.187, but as we know, I could not experience it up to now, with 1.187.1. I am relieved.
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  25. Bronney Hui

    Bronney Hui Trainee Engineer

    No matter what people say, you guys keep delivering and fixing stuff. I respect that. Thanks.
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  26. Wicorel

    Wicorel Senior Engineer

    What does this mean?
  27. Inflex

    Inflex Developer Staff

    Animations of nearby players in MP were jerky sometimes. Now it's fixed.
  28. Stollie

    Stollie Apprentice Engineer

    Very nice list of bugfixes, following the support portal it looked like a few were quite painful to track down :D

    Good stuff!
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  29. Petr Beranek

    Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    Basically interpolation of animations was really not smooth. If someone was looking up down up down, every other player would see them doing in in really not fluent way :D
  30. Dabombinable

    Dabombinable Trainee Engineer

    That exploding vehicles bug was getting really annoying. My friend took a BP of a rover I built, we went to grind down part of an NPC ship, they put the components into the connector and upon exiting the inventory...the rovers wheels fell off and it got flung (with a rather nice trail of black smoke) several kilometers away. Luckily the connector+the 4x reactors attached survived.
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