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Important Update 1.187 - Major Overhaul of Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers!
    After six months, we are releasing the next major update, which is focusing on the complete overhaul of multiplayer in Space Engineers, and a number of new features and optimizations. This was a massive overhaul and that’s why it wasn’t possible to make this update in weekly increment - so thanks a lot for your patience!
    We had to redo major parts of the engine and there was a lot of experimentation - for example changing the prediction protocol on client-server and observing if it’s better for user experience or worse, and many more. Space Engineers has many systems and special care had to be taken for each of them: player character, jetpack, ship, wheeled vehicles, voxels and planets, fast moving objects, deformable entities, antennas, player standing on a moving grid, colliding grids, rotors, pistons, wheels, and many many more.
    But wait - that's not all! With this massive multiplayer update we are releasing optimizations and performance improvements, Safe Zones, Female Engineer and much more!

    Marek's blog post with detailed info

    • Improved multiplayer
    • Major optimizations and performance improvements for various blocks and systems
    • Safe Zones and global permissions
    • Player persistency in MP
    • Auto reconnect feature for client in MP
    • Female Engineer
    • PCU Limits - global, per faction or per player
    • Added Experimental Mode option
    • New support portal: https://support.keenswh.com/ (more info at: https://www.spaceengineersgame.com/support.html )
    Dedicated Server Features
    • Special thanks goes to rexxar, Jimmacle, and Equinox for their great ideas about the server admin tool features.
    • Nicer and faster DS GUI
    • Server password feature
    • Auto Restart feature
    • Auto Update feature
    • Message of the Day, Message of the Day URL
    • Administrators slots, player reserved slots
    • DS GUI Steam client integration for easier setup
    • Remote Client in DS GUI and standalone VRage Remote Client
      • Email notifications
      • Server profiles
    • New +stop (server) command for administrators
    • New /report command for players (works with Remote Client)
    • Server side plugins API with management in DS GUI
      • Allows multiple plugins for DS
    • Wipe world feature - administrator can set save, which can be used to reset the world
    • DS GUI Actions - administrator can stop/restart with delay and message in the chat
    • Trash Removal changes and new features
      • Settings are part of the world now
      • Player inactivity threshold
      • Optimal grid count
    • Adaptive simulation quality feature
    • Updated dedicated server and Remote API guide: https://www.spaceengineersgame.com/dedicated-servers.html
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed voxel related crashes
    • Fixed crash when loading wrong mod
    • Fixed crash when copy-pasting certain grid
    • Fixed crash with looping Sound Block
    • Fixed crash when using illegal characters in the world name
    • Fixed crash when Content folder is missing
    • Fixed crash when changing Entity name using F11 menu
    Functional Fixes and changes
    • Special thanks goes to Malware for his Programmable Block Additions: MyIni (instructions here) and MyCommandLine (instructions here)
    • Improved performance during collisions
    • Improved piston and merge block collisions
    • Improved performance of Ore Detector
    • Support for dependencies of mods
    • Steam Cloud support for blueprints (setting in Game Options)
    • Local blueprints folders support
    • Player can kick out other disconnected player from any seat/cockpit
    • Added General Data Protection Regulation dialog and setting in Game Options
    • Fixed desync issues with Refinery
    • Fixed desync issues with inventory of player
    • Fixed asteroid becoming desynced and not disappearing when removed through Entity list
    • Fixed Drills getting desynced when accessed with "Can use all terminals" rights
    • Fixed removed block leaves physically occupied space on DS
    • Fixed Star System being loaded instead of selected worlds on DS
    • Fixed Conveyor system not being functional after joining DS
    • Fixed asteroid disappearing after pasting another one on DS
    • Fixed voxel changes not being visible on pasted planet on DS after reconnect
    • Fixed falling through voxel when drilling on DS
    • Fixed ownership switching between entities on DS and MP
    • Fixed not being able to leave faction selection in Dead Drop Arena on DS
    • Fixed copy-pasting at large coordinates
    • Fixed grid exploding after turning of the merge block
    • Fixed despawning of the Respawn ships
    • Fixed dead body affecting ship's physics
    • Fixed exiting seats or cockpit sometimes kills the player
    • Fixed rifle shooting in a wrong direction
    • Fixed drones not spawning in Campaign Mission 5
    • Fixed ship not being controllable after unmerging
    • Fixed player being disconnected after pasting specific blueprint
    • Fixed deleting occupied Cockpit with right mouse button kills the player inside
    • Fixed sliding of player on rotating ship
    • Fixed player being disconnected after pasting Empty Voxel Map
    • Fixed engineer not being able to destroy block he stands on by Rifle
    • Fixed spectator pasting blueprints to 0,0,0 coordinates
    • Fixed exiting camera while using remote control
    • Fixed blocks not being affected by gravity in some cases
    • Fixed remembering angle of headlamp when entering Cockpit
    • Fixed Remote Control autopilot flying at 15m/s at planet
    • Fixed cars exploding when using inertia tensor
    • Fixed player being tilted after deactivating jetpack in the gravity
    • Fixed changing component mass does not affects block mass
    • Fixed Landing Gear unlocking when the grid is being updated
    • Fixed Turrets keep shooting even when the target does not meet conditions for a target anymore
    • Fixed player not being removed from the server after client crash
    • Fixed building mode focus info when sitting in small ship's Cockpit
    • Fixed Rocky ore deposits on planets providing exclusively iron
    • Fixed updating of ship welder/grinder aim
    • Fixed Grinder affecting attached rotor
    • Fixed disconnected subgrids not losing power
    • Fixed Camera block not reporting accurate power usage
    • Fixed grids being affected by floating items in artificial gravity
    • Fixed Collector's position not being updated in the world
    • Fixed Cargo Container not dropping items when destroyed
    • Fixed Welder sparks are not disappearing when blocks are finished or components run out
    • Fixed Thruster light not vanishing at distant ships
    • Fixed removing of redundant armor edges
    • Fixed wrong warning message when controlling grid with Remote Control and Cockpit present
    • Fixed "Show hidden blocks" button stops working after grid separation
    • Fixed HUD markers in close proximity not collapsing into summarized one
    • Fixed long names for voxel files
    Graphic Fixes and Changes
    • Decreased values for intensity of sun, bloom and chromatic aberration
    • Shadow LOD optimizations
    • Improved Armor Blocks deformations
    • Tweaked Jump Drive effect
    • Added particle effect for ships near grid
    • Optimizations for particles in distance
    • Fixed Voxels and their LODs at large coordinates
    • Fixed LODs showing different blocks at certain range
    • Fixed Advanced Rotor head's LOD
    • Fixed missing damage particles on DS
    • Fixed camera clipping into rifle at falling and jumping
    • Fixed wrong camera distance after reloading of scene
    • Fixed Ship Grinder playing spinning animation even without power
    • Fixed interior of Cockpit being rendered over modded blocks
    • Fixed damaged blocks not updating its shape to fit new blocks
    • Fixed Cockpit build mode not showing ghost block preview when aiming at the same grid
    • Fixed see-through broken deformations of small blocks
    • Fixed multiple skins having wrong color
    • Fixed animations when switching between aimed rifle and tools
    • Fixed missing astronaut's head when using Remote Control and sitting on Passenger Seat
    UI Fixes, Improvements
    • Pause client in MP, when there is connection issue
    • Server list - added recommended server, password and experimental icons
    • Advanced server filter - password is three state now (with, without and both)
    • Message of the Day in Respawn screen (multiplayer feature)
    • Redesigned Respawn screen
    • Server name in F3 screen
    • Added sorting to F3 screen
    • Added ping information to F3 screen
    • CTRL-X changes - can be used only by owner of the grid, faction leader or admin
    • CTRL-C notification on success or fail
    • Campaign tab renamed to Quickstart
    • Easy Start Space scenario in Quickstart
    • Faction management (UI in terminal panel) is available for server administrators
    • Improved Entity list interactions
    • Adjusted tooltip at Spotlight's "Blink Length"
    • Adjusted HUD chat alignment
    • Fixed capital G to g as a symbol for standard gravity
    • Adjusted position of wrong value warning message in terminal
    • Fixed remembering checkboxes in Admin Tools
    • Fixed Refresh button in Join Game screen, in Friends tab showing "Pause"
    • Fixed tooltip in Save As dialog
    • Fixed objects being present in terminal info tab even after removing
    • Fixed Remote Control setting "Main remote control" being possible to activate with multiple Remote Control blocks selected
    • Fixed text in Color Picker
    • Fixed some inconsistencies in New Game screen
    • Fixed updating of max. players value in F3 screen
    • Fixed displaying of formatted text pasted into terminal
    • Fixed scenario selection on DS being empty
    • Fixed letter I on HUD (inventory) changing its position depending on screen aspect ratio
    • Redesigned Spawn Menu (shift+F10)
    • Space Master renamed to Admin Tools (alt+F10)
    • Redesigned Admin Tools - cycle objects, entity list, admin tools, trash removal
    • Refresh button in entity list (admin tools)
    • Sorting by PCU in entity list (admin tools)
    • Added owner last login to grid tooltip (entity list)
    • New Safe Zone UI (alt+F10)
    • New Global permissions (alt+F10)
    • Loading a blueprint (F10) automatically starts the pasting process (skips the need to press ctrl+V)
    • Sorting of F11 statistics
    • Icon (over head) for disconnected player
    • New tooltip for Continue button in Main menu
    • Fixed voice chat icon duplicate showing up on DS
    Hotfix 1.187.088

    • crash fix in spiders/wolves
    • crash fixes in multiplayer
    • fixed random DS switching to experimental mode
    • fixed damage system events for mods
    Hotfix 1.187.089

    • fixed multithread crashes
    • fixed crash in Mods screen
    • fixed crash in DS GUI
    • fixed crash when closing the terminal on DS
    • fixed timeout when connecting to server with a lot of mods
    • fixed issue where characters were not being removed by trash removal
    • fixed issue with overlapping dialog when downloading mods
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  2. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Silent nerf of DS page.
    Yay, female engineer!

    From the Steam store page store.steampowered.com/app/244850/, you guys are recommending a CPU that doesn't even exist. Intel @ 4.5GHz

    The fastest stock CPUs don't have a base frequency of 4.5. This one has a *turbo* of above, but that's not base:

    Turbo doesn't work for gaming, since turbo is a temporary state, not something that can be sustained over a long gaming session.

    I know you guys can't seriously be telling players to overclock their PCs to play your game?

    So Marek answered that in xocliw's stream... it apparently is the Turbo value. IMO the recommended should instead be changed to 4.0 GHz, so that way it doesn't freak people out.


    For those wanting the DS:
    Dedicated server can be installed either by steam://install/298740 or via steamcmd, or https://steamdb.info/app/298740/
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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  3. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I have seen.
    I have approved.
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  4. Sardaukai

    Sardaukai Trainee Engineer

    GREAT !
  5. Herpaderpa

    Herpaderpa Trainee Engineer


    edit: I like females
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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  6. doncdxx

    doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    First person character shadow fix and surface rock fixes!
  7. Nick_A

    Nick_A Trainee Engineer

    Let's test it out!

    Edit: It says that bloom and some other lighting settings were changed. Is the lighting closer to the space just got real mod? And are shadows REALLY dark? I hope they are.

    Edit 2: Yeah no, there is still no true darkness. I can see just fine without lights where it was pitch black while using the mod.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
  8. Zeys

    Zeys Trainee Engineer

    Hype :D
  9. Rovex

    Rovex Trainee Engineer

    How can I start a dedicated server, I am missing the executable.???
  10. Sarekh

    Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Oh my gaaaaaaawd! Femgineer and multiplayer, this is awesome! Thank you so much!
  11. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    All my single player saved games load in the respawn screen. Why?
  12. macgeifer

    macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    first: gj guys ;)
    second: after reading the blogpost i see all my concerns confirmed about more engineering content coming for SE. they want to polish and publish it and thats it. maybe its technically the best to restart with something like SE 2 but SE 1 will not be the fun game i hoped for.
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  13. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    No DS exe in the game dir anymore - no DS to download at all ............................
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  14. Zoladen

    Zoladen Apprentice Engineer

    Good to see you as always, Drui.

    Time to install the game on my new computer and give it a test drive if my four month old will let me.
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  15. Rovex

    Rovex Trainee Engineer

    Download here: https://steamdb.info/app/298740/
    I think this is temporary but its a seperate hidden steam app at the moment
  16. Baconfist

    Baconfist Apprentice Engineer

    I tried to isntall that on my Server... all i got: "ERROR! Failed to install app '298740' (No subscription)"

    I dont like this.
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  17. Clone Commando

    Clone Commando Trainee Engineer

    Try downloading using SteamCMD like any other dedicated server.
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  18. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

  19. Nick_A

    Nick_A Trainee Engineer

    In bug reports, someone is reporting that the spawning of any spiders crashes the game.
  20. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    Sorry - but an TYPICAL keen relase .....................
    The DS musst be now seperate DL - not an big deal - if it was not hidden ........................................
    The DS load ALWAYS 4 additional modds, i have NOT in my save game - not abboniert - nothing ... and 2 give red errors - every time the DS starts, its adding this UNKNOW mods !!
    What is this for an SHI********
  21. EnjoyCoke

    EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    I can no longer control the speed of the free camera using mouse-wheel. Is this feature removed and if so please re-implement it immediately, and if it has not been removed then please tell me what I am doing wrong.
    Otherwise great update.
  22. Sarekh

    Sarekh Senior Engineer

    you'll need to hold Shift while scrolling the wheel now
  23. Zeys

    Zeys Trainee Engineer

    nah bro my friend had the same problem.
  24. EnjoyCoke

    EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    Thank you :D :D :D
    And BRILLIANT add, I'd like to say! Building through F8 mode has become MUCH easier now YAAAY!
  25. Petr Beranek

    Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    In spectator, you can increase movement speed by using shift + wheel. It has been changed cause people were complaining that when they change blocks using the wheel, they were changing speed and often speed changed so much, they flew kilometers away
    --- Automerge ---
    Too late i see :-D
  26. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    Impressive list. Also for singleplayers.
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  27. Jimmacle

    Jimmacle Trainee Engineer

    I mean, we fully implemented our ideas into Torch which Keen then used as inspiration for their own work without asking, but if you want to say that we simply gave you ideas that's cool.
  28. Kobura

    Kobura Trainee Engineer

    Nobody can connect to our server. "streaming"

  29. Hunterman223

    Hunterman223 Trainee Engineer

    so i was wondering if this update made it so we can finally lan while in offline mode i heard it was planned and i live on campus and have no access to internet, thus cannot play online or lan over wifi.
  30. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

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