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Update 1.195 - Sparks of the Future

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers!
    Sparks of the Future update explores our fascination with science and science fiction and delivers on that with a vision of hi-tech visuals in the Space Engineers universe. We are really excited about exploring all of the possibilities this genre opens to us. Whether it's a vibrant high-tech space station located among an asteroid cluster, a classic sci-fi themed space cafe, or just a cool looking spaceship bristling with Ion thrusters and neon armor - we hope all of this will add to your story in a world of high technology.

    This update contains much requested Hinge Blocks, Small Grid Doors, new automated Weather System, 3D Letter Blocks and more!

    Features & Improvements (Free update)
    • Hinge Blocks (large, small and medium)
    • Small Sliding Door (Small Grid Door)
    • 3D Letters, Numbers and Signs (large and small grid)
    • New LCD Posters
    • Automatic Weather System
    • Sparks of the Future Station: Extended Edition World
    • Rotate image function for LCDs
    • Added an option to reverse mouse scroll wheel direction when selecting block variants
    • Added support for replay tool NPCs to have different skins and colors
    Sparks of the Future DLC
    Similar to our previous major releases, we decided to give you an opportunity to support the further development of Space Engineers. We have created a pack which consists of cosmetic items to enrich your game visually. You can experience them in the free Sparks of the Future scenario. The price of the Sparks of the Future Pack is $3.99 USD, or your regional Steam equivalent, so if you wish to support us, check out the Sparks of the Future Pack.
    • Sci-Fi LCDs
    • Neon Tubes
    • Sci-Fi Ion Thrusters (Reskin of vanilla Ion Thrusters)
    • Sci-Fi Atmospheric Thrusters (Reskin of vanilla Atmospheric Thrusters)
    • Sci-Fi Interior Wall (Reskin of vanilla Interior Wall)
    • Bar Counter, Bar Counter Corner
    • Control Panel (Reskin of vanilla Control Panel)
    • 1-Button Panel (With customizable LCD)
    • 4-Button Panel (With customizable LCDs)
    • Small Side Door (Reskin of the new vanilla Small Grid Door)
    • Sci-Fi Armor Skin
    • 2 Neon Armor Skins
    • New Emotes (“Whatever”, “Yelling”, “Charge”, “Dance Disco 1”, “Dance Disco 2”, “Looking around”, “Stretching”, “Come here baby!”)
    Many Thanks to the Modding Community!
    We are always impressed by the innovation of our modding community! We would like to thank these members of the Space Engineers community for continuing to inspire us through their ideas, suggestions, and hard work.
    • Fixed a crash at Havok.HkUniformGridShape.HkUniformGridShape_InvalidateRange
    • Fixed a crash at MyLargeTurretBase.StopAimingSound
    • Fixed a crash in Trash removal voxel revert
    • Fixed a crash when trying to read an invalid blueprint xml
    • Fixed a crash at Entities.MyThrust.ThrustDamageShapeCast
    • Fixed a crash at Game.Screens.Terminal.MyTerminalPropertiesController.PopulateMutuallyConnectedCubeGrids
    • Fixed a crash at Game.GUI.MyBlueprintUtils.SaveToCloudFile
    • Fixed a freeze when loading textures
    • Fixed memory use increasing while the game was minimized
    • Fixed a regression in how much damage ships receive from voxel collision (it was lower than it used to be)
    • Fixed landing gears locking to safezones or in mid-air while inside a safezone
    • Fixed Lost Colony scenario not being loadable or join-able without experimental mode enabled
    • Fixed unknown signals causing lag on populated servers
    • Fixed deleted saves appearing in Continue in main menu
    • Fixed quest markers not behaving correctly because of dependencies in the First Jump campaign
    • Fixed and re-enabled NPC pathfinding on grids
    • Fixed maximum grid name length to be 64 characters instead of 512 (caused an issue with cloud storage)
    • Fixed DSGUI remote client not keeping list of banned/kicked players through restarts, making lifting of bans/kicks difficult
    • Fixed grids having to be powered on through shortcut twice after restart on DS
    • Fixed multiple Frostbite respawn points failing to unlock and provide selectable spawn points
    • Fixed LCD sprites not getting clipped correctly
    • Fixed decals not being visible on ATM, Medical Station, and LCDs
    • Fixed astronaut emissivenes state being incorrectly saved/loaded
    • Fixed DSGUI blinking several times and being unresponsive when there are multiple existing saves listed
    • Fixed missile explosions, trails and meteor trail particles not being visible at greater distances
    • Fixed safezone size slider not updating when changing axis
    • Fixed voxel hand drawing grid bounding boxes incorrectly when "Show bounding box" is enabled
    • Fixed In-game help: Movement being incorrectly finishable in jet-pack
    • Fixed missing hints for First Jump 4th campaign mission in Spanish translation
    • Fixed an untranslated button name in First Jump 1st campaign mission in Spanish translation
    Fixed issues from our Support site
    • Fixed particles not being disposed off correctly when unloading a session (memory leak)
    • Fixed Hydrogen not flowing from grid to grid through connectors in some cases
    • Fixed "look around" feature not being affected by Y axis inversion
    • Fixed the possibility to withdraw components from nonfunctional conveyor ports through Build Planner
    • Fixed incorrect blocks being deleted when aiming at specific types of blocks
    • Fixed consumable items being deposited along with ores and components via the Build Planner shortcut
    • Fixed the impossibility of adding servers to Favourites
    • Fixed the inability to right-click items in toolbars to change their settings
    • Fixed particles not freezing for Ansel
    • Fixed Programmable block compilation warnings being shown twice
    • Fixed Interior wall emissive parts not actually being emissive
    Hotfix 1.195.019

    • Fixed a crash at MyRenderComponent.TrySpawnParticle
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.GetSolarMultiplier
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ResetParticles
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateAfterSimulation
    • Fixed a crash when adding emote to build-planner from block variant panel
    • Fixed an issue with client not being able to paste experimental grids in experimental world
    • Fixed an issue with vehicles not moving after disconnecting from connector
    Hotfix 195.020

    • Fixed GPS names being reset upon reconnect
    • Fixed false "No Fuel" warning and false "0 secs" indicator
    • Fixed "Invert mouse scroll" option status being reset on relaunch
    • Fixed LCD weather script showing raw strings as output
    • Fixed a crash at MyRenderComponent.TrySpawnParticle
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplyParticle
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateAfterSimulation
    • Fixed lightning not doing damage on a dedicated server
    • Fixed lightning frequency during thunderstorm increasing each time the server (auto-)saved
    • Fixed NPC station not despawning correctly when admin teleports out
    • Added a notch to Small 1x1 Hinge to help with orientation
    Hotfix 195.021

    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateAfterSimulationDelay
    • Fixed another crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplyParticle
    • Adjusted how starts and ends of weathers look
    • Adjusted weather names to better represent them
    • Fixed some weathers lasting for up to 10 real life hours
    • Fixed weather never reaching Clear state
    • Fixed an issue with sounds creating static when being played over weather sounds
    • Optimized how often wind animation updates
    • Fixed an issue where drill yields were much lower
    • Fixed an assertion appearing when trying to save a blueprint to the Cloud
    • Fixed one of the Patrol.bots in Sparks of the Future scenario getting stuck
    • Fixed wrong formatting for some LCDs in Sparks of the Future scenario
    Hotfix 195.022

    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.AdjustIntensity
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.IsPositionSafe
    • Fixed weather debug draw persisting through sessions
    • Fixed weather debug draw line being too long
    Hotfix 195.023

    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateWeathersOnClients
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.EffectLightning
    • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplySound
    • Fixed a crash at Entities.Blocks.MyPistonBase.UpdatePosition
    • Fixed a crash when loading a world with larger planets
    • Fixed a crash and disappearance of local blueprints when renaming a BP with a "
    • Added functionality where admins with "Untargettable" enabled will not be struck by lightning
    • Updated lightning rod functionality for decoys (Range of protection 50m, changed info and good.bot)
    • Fixed lightning being too agressive and too damaging on DS
    • Fixed the Sun being dimmer and emitting less light when rotation is turned off
    • Fixed Neon Tubes not being emissive on sub-grids
    Hotfix 195.024

    • Fixed game freeze on AMD and Intel processors
    • Fixed UK#5 Server crash during load
    • Fixed a crash in weather when processing decoys
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  2. posthy

    posthy Apprentice Engineer

    Great stuff!
    I'm specifically glad to have hinges for all 3 conveyor sizes, it shows you didn't forget that we have those. Next update should flesh out the conveyor systems with small advanced rotors and medium pistons, please!
    Also wish to see the missing armor corners.
  3. Bullet_Force

    Bullet_Force Apprentice Engineer

    More pointless cosmetic stuff and yet still only 2 weapons in the entire game?

    Space Cosmetics that is what this game now is, its no longer about engineering. Sad really.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
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  4. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

  5. Asmoww

    Asmoww Trainee Engineer

    Might aswell rename the game to "Space Stylists" at this point.

    Stop milking the game dry and instead add actual features.
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  6. anomalousreading

    anomalousreading Trainee Engineer

    What happened with the server update for multiplayer? It's been in public test on steam a while. I expected to hear something about those improvements during this update, but there is nothing in the changelog.
  7. Astr0Phoenix

    Astr0Phoenix Trainee Engineer

    Is This being added to the ultimate bundle or is this just being overlooked again? Sort of makes it not very ultimate if it doesnt include everything...
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  8. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Hinges have no + or - like Digi's so is a crap shoot on if you get it facing the right way if you are in a tight spot. Not a fan.

    Also thought we got small grid door without buying DLC I have no small grid door.
    EDIT: Found the small door. :)

    Of course this should all go on the support site I am too lazy sue me. :p
  9. BitsNoKibbles

    BitsNoKibbles Apprentice Engineer

    I just pulled an update from Steam... 1.195

  10. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Yeah, hinges. I was under the mistaken impression that conveyor hinges would allow me to connect one port that's at an angle to another port that's at the corresponding angle on the same grid. Yeah...no. I believe these puppies are intended for cantilevered subgrids. Furthermore, whereas advanced rotors allow transfer of material through the rotor to a subgrid that's rotated in-plane, the conveyor hinge allow transfer of material through the rotor to a subgrid that's out-of-plane (you can do the same thing with two connected advanced rotors, only not as neatly). As always, subgrids aren't supported with a projector, so if they're of limited use in a blueprint that's intended for a survival game. At least, this is my quick impression of what you can and can't do with them.
  11. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @BitsNoKibbles yup hinges now, but stick with Digi's mod if you are going to use any, that way you know which way to turn them. :)
    --- Automerge ---
    @Bullet_Force enough with your PvP whining already. Also there is more to engineering than weapons.
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  12. WarGiver

    WarGiver Trainee Engineer

    Here are the problems I found with hinges, I have run several tests (on earth like) and found that:

    Torque does not actually function on any of the three hinge (small grid, 3x3 small, and large grid,) I had hinge+piston+hinge+hinge+piston+drill the first Hinge is just not strong enough (both Large grid and small) to lift this combo, torque should be able to push this over the limit but it does not do anything.

    3X3 small grid attaching to large Hinge joint calls clang (causes an explosion) regardless.

    3X3 small grid still sees itself as small grid for purpose of block placement after the joint (may be part of above issue)

    3x3 small grid does not have the option to add a large or small head
  13. Kham

    Kham Apprentice Engineer

    The Large Grid and Small Grid 3x3, at least, have a marker on them which indicates the negative axis on the new hinges. Couldn't spot anything on the 1x1 SG versions.
  14. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Kham I was only working with the 1x1 so at least there are markers on the other sizes, good to know. :)
  15. Lee Barnsley

    Lee Barnsley Trainee Engineer

    now my game wont load aaaarrrggghhh
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  16. BitsNoKibbles

    BitsNoKibbles Apprentice Engineer

    My impression is that this is Keen's version of Digi's hinges. Work the same way, have the same limitations, just look different.

    I've not had any need to hinge a grid to itself, but I have had multipart assemblies that I wanted to attach to a single grid at multiple points (ex: large hinged doors). The fact that the hinge connects two different grids together generally works to my advantage.

    Agreed that the biggest problem is subgrid projection... a lot of my contraptions use subgrids, and they're just not viable in survival.

    I've been using Digi's hinges for a long, long time. Knowing which way they're pointed is required. Bad things happen when they're pointed the wrong way.
    --- Automerge ---

    For "large" assemblies and anything carrying a load I've always used hinges just as pivot points (zero torque) and used pistons to provide motive power. Makes for less clang and more engineering.

    By way of example: the landing gear doors are directly hinge-powered, but the landing gear are piston powered. The bottom hinges (attached directly to the blast blocks) use low torque to rotate into and out of the raised and locked position, the hinges at the top of the pistons are zero torque.


  17. Pegas519

    Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer

    Would also love to see 2 direction slope armor i.e. up to 6x6x1, and longer ramps, i.e up to 6x1x1
  18. posthy

    posthy Apprentice Engineer

    Longer ramps would be nice, but they'd open pandora's box with all the required variatons, More size adds exponentially more shape needs to make smooth surfaces and curves possible. I don't think that's viable, but the 2 blocks long options are already there, Keen should finish it!
  19. doncdxx

    doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    The broken nodes I need in the VST don't seem to have been fixed this patch. :(
    I guess the campaigns I've been working on are still on hold.
  20. KissSh0t

    KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Finally............... an official Hinge.



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  21. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I wish KSH would finally fix LCD and text panels so the 2% text padding would just stop reasserting itself. It just can't be that difficult. I hate it when my custom screens are always offset and show a black line on top. :words:

    OK, I'm done complaining now.
  22. Capt.SkuLL

    Capt.SkuLL Apprentice Engineer

    Haha sounds familiar my friend. that is what i thought too about the skin glitch from the previous DLC.
    but this DLC changes my mind about the whole thing. keen left some of the important stuffs in this DLC as FREE without purchasing the DLC and so im HAPPY now:)
    this includes the automated weather system which im really happy with. it takes away my disappointment from the previous DLCs.

    i'm still observing feedback and bug reports for the neon lights and the doors, will buy DLC when its all clear but might end up buying it regardless anyway.
    credit where credit is due keen :tu:

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
  23. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I, too, like the weather. It's a nice touch.
  24. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    The public test is still ongoing, since it's not complete, it wasn't added to this update.

    It will be updated, though it tends to be a little behind wrt to the most recent DLC release.

    During CTG testing, it was determined they actually perform slightly better than Digi's hinges. As they were implemented differently, but the mod is literally just a rotor with a different rotation axis (nothing against Digi, just game/ModAPI limitations).
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  25. Volcano

    Volcano Apprentice Engineer

    The weather feature is applied to already existing worlds, or do I need to start a fresh one ?
  26. SirConnery

    SirConnery Apprentice Engineer

    Are the dedicated server optimizations included in this? Was promised 5x the powerrrr in that one fancy graph they showed.
  27. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Just got an update to the update.
  28. anomalousreading

    anomalousreading Trainee Engineer

    Thanks :)

    Regarding Sparks of the Future.. I love it! <3
  29. Ronin1973

    Ronin1973 Master Engineer

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  30. KissSh0t

    KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I haven't made it to a planet yet, I was just wondering... does strong wind push you or buffet you if you are in a small vehicle?