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[WIP] Survival scenario w/ Special Rules (unlocking blocks)

Discussion in 'Released and WIP Mods' started by Alb, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. Alb Trainee Engineer

    Hello there! I recently made a thread detailing what I think is missing (and what I don't think is fun) in SE: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/expanding-the-survival-game.7394032/

    Namely, a PROGRESSION SYSTEM. Such as traveling through all the planets and moons, unlocking various blocks as you complete challenges or destroy pirate bases, etc. However, I quickly began to realize that I didn't really have a concrete idea of what my dream progression system would actually look like. I began brainstorming specifics, like what would you start out with, what would be unlocked when, etc. (if any of you guys know of anyone working on something similar, I would like to know!)

    I also realized that I can easily test this, even with my next-to-zero modding experience! By simply restricting myself from "locked" block building, and "unlocking" stuff by completing objectives. Then I figured I could make a special, custom designed scenario to test out these ideas.

    The "downside" of this is that these rules are self-enforced. There's nothing preventing you or anyone from cheating. (not exactly multi-player friendly). And if you don't have much self control, testing this would probably be difficult for you. This scenario is mostly just for the single-player experience anyway. You can cheat if you want, just beware that you'll probably be ruining the experience for yourself.

    The other thing is, I need some HELP from you guys with some of these ideas.
    Here's a google-doc of the in-depth rules I've come up with so far:
    Space Engineers Progression System
    (I'll be updating and cleaning it up periodically)

    The basic idea is this:
    You start out on Earth with access to your basic hand-held tools, a starter car, a little base with refinery/assembler, and dinky little turrets. THAT'S IT, you don't even have access to large grid ships yet. You have a very small list of available blocks. Completing objectives will unlock blocks even from other mods I've decided to include (wings/parachutes/etc).

    Each pirate base would be custom designed around what the player currently has access to, and each would be progressively harder to "complete" than the last. Each pirate base would also be "themed" around what it unlocks; for instance, an airbase for unlocking wings and other air-related things, or a drilling complex for unlocking large-grid drills and ore detectors. After "completing" a pirate base, a programming block would tell you where to go next, as well as tell you what things you just unlocked. But for the most part, I think it would still be best to always have the google-doc at hand so you could alt-tab to it as needed.

    Important note: The player isn't allowed to PLACE locked blocks (ie; from the g-menu), but can still salvage and repair those blocks from enemy drones and the like via merge blocks and what-not. Some pirate facilities would even feature incomplete large blocks (like the titan engine) that the player could jury-rig and use.

    Pirate Base Themes (in no particular order):
    Airbase - small aircraft (and jetpack?)
    Big cars - large grid access (no large thrusters yet)
    Radar / remote stuff - deep-space laser antennae + other things?
    Large aircraft - large thrusters
    Stealth? - laser antennas, sensors, decoy blocks, etc.
    Heavy Armor blocks and big guns - more guns
    Space travel access - hydro thrusters
    Better space travel - ion thrusters and/or jumpdrive
    Even better space travel - hyperdrive / large grid ion thrusters?
    Big construction tools - small grid welders/grinders
    Mass production complex - large grid welders/grinders
    ^^^Nanite factory? (mod)
    Drilling facility - small grid drills
    Large drilling complex - (super large drills access (from one of the drill mods))
    Titan Engine (mod) - A facility featuring an incomplete titan engine that the player can salvage (note; the block isn't unlocked, so don't destroy it)
    Bombs - small explosive blocks
    Nukes - Large explosives
    Computer systems - programming block + timer + electronics panel(mod)
    ^^^Puzzle facility preferably.^^^

    I also plan on including stuff from mods, such as laser turrets and weapon mods and the like.

    Other unlocks strewn about:
    hand-held tool upgrades
    rifle upgrades
    heavy armor - small grid (can't figure out where to put these)
    heavy armor - large grid (can't figure out where to put these)
    Auto-drill platform (mod) (basically, a large block that passively generates resources when connected to a voxel)

    Guns and weapons
    I've decided to put them into 3 broad categories:
    small-caliber guns
    and missiles.
    These would also be separated by small-grid/large-grid versions, as well as turret versions.
    Also, laser turrets mod is somewhere here too. Modded guns would be thrown into one of these categories.

    How to unlock something (the actual objective):
    - The primary way to "defeating" a base would be to reach and read the contents of a programming block. The programming block would would be disconnected from everything (is its own grid), with only a battery connected to it. It would be, of course, heavily defended and hard to reach.
    However, there's a problem with this if the player somehow fails or somehow gets this block destroyed. We always got to account for failure. I figured I could just put 5 or so of the same "objective-blocks" on each facility, but that seems a bit sloppy.
    - Another idea is to steal the block via some sort of crane and take it somewhere, like to your base or some other location in order to unlock its contents.
    - A more fail-safe objective method would be to destroy a specific large reactor or other block. Painted RED or something so it's obvious.
    - And I suppose there could be a non-combat way to unlock something, such as by trading large amounts of resources (at some place) in order to progress. But I'm not sure exactly how much, and of what kind of resources, to make required for advancing. Also, it doesn't seem like a fun way to go anyway.
    - I would like "infiltration" to at least be a little possible most of the time. Sneaking in via disguise maybe? (faction hopping? not sure if it's possible...)
    - I would also like to have one pirate base be built like some elaborate puzzle of some sort with its own unique objective. (And anyone can always face-smash there way through it if they don't like puzzles, it'll just be a bit painful)

    Progression Order:
    The general unlock order would kind of look like this (maybe not quite in this order):
    - first mini-base (progression system tutorial? unlock something?)
    - small grid aircraft (wings, better thrusters, gyro, jetpack)
    - Space travel - hydrogen thrusters, can now leave planet
    - small grid ion thrusters
    - large grid access (rover, large grid wheels, other things)
    - Jump drive - on the path to Mars
    - Space stuff - between Earth and Mars
    - Large grid aircraft (large atmo thrusters, other things)
    - Large grid space ships (large ions and such)
    - titan engine facility (features a partially built titan engine(not unlocked) and other unlocks)
    - hyperdrive(mod) - on the path to alien worlds
    - More Space stuff - between Mars and aliens
    - More unlocks
    - finishing up whatever's missing
    - final challenge, everything unlocked
    I need your help in figuring out where to put unlocks and at what stages. Also, I would like to know if you guys have any neat base designs or base themes to work with. I'm not opposed to downloading pre-built pirate base blueprints and including them. Please help me out here and thanks for reading this far!

    EDIT - 2/11/2017:
    This really took off since it was first conceived! I now have a completely new coded iteration of this scenario called Super Engineer Adventures found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924773585
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  2. Graewerld Trainee Engineer

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  3. Alb Trainee Engineer

    I got a question about publishing custom scenarios: Do my saved GPS waypoints transfer over? And does my character's last position count as the "start" position?

    Also, you guys should now be able to actually READ the google-doc. Just made it public (because I didn't know I needed to do that :C)
  4. Alb Trainee Engineer

    Well I've just about places half of all the pirate bases down so far. Even have one "base" that starts flying around when the player gets within 10km.

    But I came to a realization today. I have A LOT of blocks that need unlocking, and I fear that number is quite a bit too high. Here's some of my current thoughts:

    * The reason I've decided to have rotors/hinges/pistons unlocked from the get-go was to encourage engineering shenanigans. And having those locked doesn't really enhance gameplay imo.
    * welders/grinders/drills (for small and large grids) however are really more like QoL blocks. Grinding and welding by hand, esspecially for larger constructions, really sucks tits. I may plan on having the small grid "tools" be unlocked by default. Large grid tools, and the mega-drill, will likely stay as an unlockable.
    * guns. Currently I have it set so you only have interior turrets at the start (and your rifle). This may be a bit too extreme. Wolves at the start could make the first challenge a bit incredibly annoying. So I may unlock the small gatlings (and turret) to help with that.
    * I'm general, I want to massively simplify the unlock progression. Going between all the planets unlocking everything piecemeal could be quite a bit too annoying. Modded blocks will still stay as locked, as well as jumpdrive being unlocked right after finishing the moon. But things like weapons, large grid wheels, and many other things may be starting as unlocked for QoL sake. I want my progression to be fun from start to finish, not to deal like you're trudging through mud for half of it. Also going to make tool upgrades and reactors unlocked by default since it's hard enough to find that mats/uranium for them anyway. An unlock wall doesn't really improve anything for those things.

    Also, I've been adding more drone spawning antennas on the mid-late game pirate bases. More drones will be spawning than what you may be used to.
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  5. Alb Trainee Engineer

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  6. EngineeringMann Trainee Engineer

    Are you still working on this? The steamcommunity link doesn't appear to work for me and I am quite interested in trying out your idea.
  7. Alb Trainee Engineer

    I actually got an even better second iteration of this now here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924773585

    It's under the name Super Engineer Adventures! (SEA)

    The really cool thing now is that I have an actual coded unlock system in place as well. It's optional too. I'm also still working on it too, as of this post. I'm working on a city-update, which is, I'm making the final pirate base into a big city with roads and stuff. Also a bunch of other things too, like a few more bases.

    The thing about updating the scenario, though, is that any updates I release doesn't touch your current save. So to see any update or changes I make, you'll need to start a completely fresh game. Just keep that in mind.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  8. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    @Alb can i take this thread as the SEA support questions thread?

    I'm playing SEA-MIN, and I've noticed that, quite suddenly, all of the pirate bases around me are gone. Despawned, i presume. There are still ships in the air, but very few bases left (i think the supply cache might be all) .

    Is that normal?

    For reference, I'm in the ELD base and have just paid a visit to the Earth ELD, in case that is causing this change .

    Thanks, and love it so far (though the autopilot speed bug is killing my enthusiasm for SE overall)
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.