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Update 01.168 STABLE, DEV - Beta Bugfixes, Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 29, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! Our programmers kept droning over the holidays so we can have fresh update full of bugfixes and improvements for you.
    Over the last week, the team has been chasing down more bugs. One of which is the mysterious black screen issue which is due to scaling on Windows 10. It’s not limited to Space Engineers either and appears to be happening with other Steam games. We have posted a workaround for it on our forums and hope that it will properly resolved soon.
    There were also some significant crashes fixed. The bug reports that you’ve been sending in have helped us massively so please continue doing this whenever you come across issues. It really does speed up the process of bug fixing. You can click the button in the main menu which will take you directly to the bug report forums. Alternatively, you can type: www.praiseclang.com into the internet browser of your choice. In the new year we plan to address the overall survival gameplay experience and the HUD among other things.

    Happy New Year from everyone in the Space Engineers Team and have fun!

    - If you are experiencing black screen issues, please check this guide: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/anyone-with-black-screen-update-look-here.7391186/
    - added ShipController Movement Indicators to PB API
    - fixed crash with Planet.Init
    - fixed issue with invisible grids
    - fixed crashed when grinding down merge block
    - fixed issue with ships ignoring collision when using a connector
    - fixed issue with solar panel textures
    - fixed issue with landing gears on dedicated servers not welding for clients
    - fixed issue and crashes with custom date from mods causing issues.
    - fixed issue where wheels would clang when placed close to each other
    - fixed issue where you were able to save campaign at any point
    - fixed issue when using merge blocks

    Hotfixes 168.006:

    - fixed crash fixes (Too many to count,too few to list)
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  2. chrisb2e9

    chrisb2e9 Trainee Engineer

    Wasn't actually expecting an update this close to the holidays, thanks!


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  3. Radeth

    Radeth Apprentice Engineer

    Edit: no teaser T.T
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  4. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  5. Walnut

    Walnut Trainee Engineer

  6. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I enjoyed the teaser this week. That's exactly how a teaser should be.

    Could we... could we not do that in the official patchnotes?
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  7. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

    Somebody once told the world was gonna clang me! I aint the sharpest engineer in the shed!
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  8. Conradian

    Conradian Moderator

    Nicking the game's loading screens for your quotes now Xoc? ;)
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  9. doncdxx

    doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

  10. Conradian

    Conradian Moderator

    I mean what do you want them to say? Clang came about because of the noise/associated movement of objects. Wheels WERE clanging, now they ain't, apparently.
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  11. Slywolf117

    Slywolf117 Trainee Engineer

    did you at least FIX the SMALL GRID LANDING GEARS NOT working AT ALL? like SERIOUSLY, it's damn near impossible to build small grid ships if you're not in space currently, and if you ARE in space, any time you try to disconnect/connect to a large grid with a connector that has a jump drive(regardlerss if it's complete or not) or if you jump and disconnect, your small grid's reactor self destructs for no reason
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  12. sankti

    sankti Trainee Engineer

    Dreaming about

    - fixed random crash with grinding random blocks
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  13. Hemp Plan[e]t

    Hemp Plan[e]t Apprentice Engineer

    Fix Small Ship CONVEYOR JUNCTION/CONVEYORS pleeeeeaaase
  14. Leonardo90

    Leonardo90 Trainee Engineer

    Unfortunately none of the bugs I listed in the last thread is mentioned in the fix list. Does it mean, that we still get small landing gear problem; hydrogen tanks filling up to 50% (and not auto-refilling bottles); desynchronization between host and client?
  15. rlb

    rlb Trainee Engineer

    How about the extremely important issue of fixing the conveyor sorter mod API, which all of three engineers depend on? ;)

    PS thanks for bugfixes!
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  16. Tigerstripe

    Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    Landing gear are not required at all to start new grids. You can start building with any block now, or get more creative...

    Try this trick: build a rotor on your station, add a small rotor head, and start building your small ship. I've got a little swing arm with a projector on my "shipbuilder" rotor, and just build my small grids attached to that.

    My point is that it's certainly possible, and quite easy, to build any small-grid object you desire, on planets, without ever getting hung up on the landing gear bugs.
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  17. eviltek2099

    eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    so... no stable tag....
  18. Leonardo90

    Leonardo90 Trainee Engineer

    That's why he said it's nearly impossible to build small grid ships. It's really hard to build using tiny blocks without working landing gears. Everyone knows that we can build even on the rotated large landing gear, but it requires a big amount of hydrogen to build a ship like that...
  19. NameNumber2

    NameNumber2 Trainee Engineer

    Hey, guys, still can't go anywhere outside a planets atmosphere without freezing my entire computer. This kinda seems like an important issue. Also, not spawning with a planetary lander on star system survival kinda makes it impossible to play survival even on a planet. Please fix.
  20. Tigerstripe

    Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    Huh? That's just a huge waste of time.

    Slap a rotor base on any large grid (such as your lander, or your home station), and remove the large head. Use the console to add a small grid head, then start building your ship. It can't get any simpler and easier, and is certainly not 'darn near impossible' to build small grid things without working landing gear.
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  21. alexis

    alexis Trainee Engineer

    Hi everyone
    Bugs not fixed:
    Landing gear still no lock when it's weld
    light break (dont update itself until you quit and restart game)
    LCD break (dont update itself until you quit and restart game)
  22. halipatsui

    halipatsui Senior Engineer


    Clang is official. Deal with it.
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  23. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Does this mean mods can create planets at runtime now?
  24. sanse001

    sanse001 Trainee Engineer

    Make post at bug thread? Yes. Check all bug list at same category? Yes. Find something about that bug? Nope. Keen Software House please add this bug to your list, i know you do much bug fixing, but this too annoyed and do not get in bug list for few updates.
  25. nathan2000

    nathan2000 Trainee Engineer

    I think they just copy the title of the opened defect and add "fixed" in the beginning.

  26. Me 10 Jin

    Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    You know a good source for quotable quotes: the old Civilization games. E.g: "If in other sciences we should arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error, it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics." - Francis Bacon.
  27. Alexanderlb14

    Alexanderlb14 Trainee Engineer

    can you please optimize the game a bit more please because it does limit the game when your fps is below 10
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  28. halipatsui

    halipatsui Senior Engineer

    "Every quote in internet is true."- Abraham lincoln.
  29. Me 10 Jin

    Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

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  30. Ender

    Ender Trainee Engineer

    Another way to build small ships if your landing gear wont lock (and a large landing gear on the station wont lock anything attached to it either..):
    . build a connector facing UP on the station
    . build a small ship connector facing DOWN and drop it so its facing the stations connector
    . add a battery to it
    . its now powered, connect the connector
    . remove battery

    Now you have a ship that is vertical but buildable and its connected until you're ready to detach. Just remember if it tips backward you have enough thrust to correct it :)
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