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Update 1.186.2 - Scripting/Modding API for Wheels, Rotors

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 15, 2018.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! We serve you more Beta improvements, including updated scripting/modding API for wheels, crash fixes and much more!
    And if you are experiencing any issues with the game, please leave us a report on our forums in Bug Reports section. It really helps us to make Space Engineers better and better every week!


    • updated scripting/modding API for wheels
    • rotor lock added to scripting API
    • fixed various crashes at Havok physics, Voxel, Wheels etc.
    • fixed deformations of Armor Blocks
    • fixed Small Grids could be built into the voxel
    • fixed instruction overflow in Programmable Block
    • fixed jumping out of Cockpit after merging together on DS
    • fixed saving engineer's state when leaving Cockpit on DS
    • fixed hovering with jetpack without fuel, using remote control and with creative tools enabled
    • fixed elevation limits for Gatling Turret
    • fixed voxel material emissivity (at High settings)
    • fixed Beacon's light keeps on when cut off
    • fixed un-exloded Warheads hangs in the air after Warhead explosion
    • fixed Engineer's boots white stripe and emissivity
    • improved UI visuals of F3 screen
    • added "dropper" function hint to the Color Picker screen for picking color from built blocks
    • fixed input when writing into multiline textfield
    • fixed message "corrupted file" showing when entering any folder in Load Game screen
    • fixed filtering when searching in Load Game screen
    • fixed block limit warning disappearing too fast
    • fixed main menu search bar consistency
    • fixed tooltips in skins inventory
    Fixes (Player Reports)
    • improved Ore Detector's range settings
    • fixed sun positioning after reloading the game with sun rotation disabled
    • fixed A-gravity value being 0 when Engineer's feet are outside of the gravity field
    • fixed message when controlling remote control with occupied cockpit on the same grid
    • fixed glass texture rendering over thruster effects

    Hotfixes 1.186.202
    • fixed various crashes
    • fixed jump drive not working
    Keen Software House team
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  2. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    the wheels are most impressive. ^^
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  3. northypark

    northypark Trainee Engineer


    • fixed deformations of Armor Blocks
    Does this mean that finally we can see through ships with deformed armor on anymore?

    • fixed Small Grids could be built into the voxel
    What? wasn't this a feature added a long time ago? I think it was added late June/early July 2016 and Doctor Octoganapus made a really nice underground bunker in small blocks.
    I really like it cause as a scenario builder, i love to make crashed ships on planets and now i probably cant make small ship crashsites anymore :(
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  4. mrgentleman64

    mrgentleman64 Trainee Engineer

    Yay, better API is really nice.
  5. beelzerob

    beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    That's a kit of good fixes
  6. gordon861

    gordon861 Apprentice Engineer

    Looks good but did we get the dark areas back yet?
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  7. conKORD

    conKORD Trainee Engineer

    Please fix wheel blocks https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/...ision-damage-to-next-non-wheel-block.7399613/

    Wheel blocks transfer collision damage to the nearest non-wheel block

    Reproduction: 100%
    Expected behavior: Wheel blocks don't take damage when mounted on rotors and don't damage nearest blocks in same grid.

    Observed behavior:
    Wheels itself are nearly indestructible with latest path. But they transfer damage to the nearest non-wheel block.
    Below are 2 demos:
    1) Vehicle with wheels on rotor:

    In this case - rotor top taking damage.
    2) Drop test with wheel mounted on the line of heavy armor block

    Wheel is intact, but armor taking damage.

    1) Fly at height ~200m
    2) Build wheel block
    3) Build heavy armor blocks on top of the wheel block
    4) Let them fall

    1) Build or download whom workshop vehicle with wheels mounted on rotors
    2) Drive it
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  8. TheAlterans

    TheAlterans Trainee Engineer

    What's with the texture/colour change in the large update? I have to repaint all my ships block by block because they're all black(probably a good 30 ships)

    My ships were red(blue) and silver. Now they're black and silver. Was this intentional?

    Can we get a feature in the colour options to paint everything of one colour all at once? Maybe a different control so I can paint all the black back to red.

    I mean changing a single specific colour. My ships are multi-coloured and the red I used is now black. I want my red back, not the entire ship red.

    ctrl+mmb is smaller paint square than shft+mmb, ctrl+shft+mmb is the entire ship.
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  9. GoatBOT

    GoatBOT Trainee Engineer

    I liked being able to build small grid into voxel, made it real easy to build wheeled vehicles, or any vehicle for that matter
  10. Blackbomber200

    Blackbomber200 Trainee Engineer

    So is Keen going to ever patch the Character Tilting on Planets or are we just going to pretend like it doesn't exist?
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  11. Inflex

    Inflex Developer Staff

    I can see that you are using rotors instead of suspensions on your creation and that's the root of the issues your are experiencing.

    Rotors, due to the rigid nature of theirs does not allow wheels to get full contact with surface and so the driving properties of such design are not optimal.
    Suspension connection on the other side is much softer which gives wheels much better contact with surface and yield much better results as a result.

    Please, try to swap rotors for suspensions on your creation and you'll have much better time driving it.
    Have fun and drive safe!
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  12. stfalx

    stfalx Trainee Engineer

    White Ore markers still vanish about 10-20 seconds after leaving cockpit of ship with ore detector and antenna. [ship has power / antenna is at max range with broadcasting / ore detector is at max range with broadcast via antenna on / engineer suit has broadcasting on]. As reported here: https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/1-186-033-ore-detector-antenna-problem.7399821/#post-1287086803

    Btw here's another bug for you guys: https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/1-186-101-unknown-signal-drop-pods-bug.7400023/

    Have fun!
  13. CaD

    CaD Apprentice Engineer

    Hey that happened to me, my carrier was blue now its black with faint blue patches. Makes it look like a warship which it is not. Anyway it's far to dark.
  14. shimonu

    shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    Middle mouse button + ctrl if I remember correct?

    Or do you want to change only one color on ship to another?
  15. Tal Raeth

    Tal Raeth Trainee Engineer

    Sounds like a flood fill. I posted the idea on the feedback site a while back, it would be awesome for recoloring ships.

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    FORSETI MMIII Trainee Engineer

    Will you guys fix the Character Tilting bug or not?
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  17. Whiplash141

    Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    *Facepalm* Y'all added this as a feature...

    "Also, any grid that is pasted into voxel from the clipboard will now become a static grid, including small ships. You can place them in at any angle and orientation."

    Not likely, but I wrote an app to do that for you :)
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  18. Yakuza

    Yakuza Trainee Engineer


    isn't it already in game Ctrl+shift+middle mouse button? or at least that what works for me
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  19. Jurgen773

    Jurgen773 Trainee Engineer

  20. conKORD

    conKORD Trainee Engineer

    Watch the video more closely.
    Here is complex suspension system that guarantee that every wheel contact terrain even on martian hills.
    Like this but with 4 wheels on front part

    Unfortunately common suspension can't do this for such size of vehicle.
    In addition I made script to control rotor wheels and it doesn't allow slippage. Kind of ESP.

    But . . . wheel blocks . . . [crying]

    PS just read that you're in staff.
    I want to thank Keen for fix in last patch - someone made wheel block more reliable (before patch - wheels have taken damage itself),
    But It only fixed the symptoms, not the problem itself.
    And for now I can only count wheel blocks as decoration.
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  21. NoThanks

    NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    I see a Red Ship and I want to Paint it Black...
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  22. Jurgen773

    Jurgen773 Trainee Engineer

    He means like repaint all blocks with certain color with another certain color
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  23. gergelypuskaval

    gergelypuskaval Trainee Engineer

    What did they mean by this?? :?
    What was the exact problem that was fixed?
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  24. Cassius Faux

    Cassius Faux Apprentice Engineer

    *Patiently awaits update that removes annoyingly large collision boxes to armor blocks so things work smoothly, and gives wheel blocks an actual use*
  25. Immoteous

    Immoteous Trainee Engineer

    Keen changed the color to be less obvious depending on the voxel/ground materials. However, I did notice that you lose these indicator colors if you have your Shader setting on high. Might be a bug.
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  26. Silvrav

    Silvrav Trainee Engineer

  27. Daniel Mc Ghee

    Daniel Mc Ghee Trainee Engineer

    Unsure if this is connected (no pun intended), however some 20 min after our MP server updated to this version every rotor on the sever detached itself from the rotor head.
  28. Replic TuaniOne

    Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    Still not frikkin rotor fixes
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  29. Dutchfly

    Dutchfly Trainee Engineer

    jep fix rotors and pistons wolfs and all for multie player servers.
    1 and a half year still not good.
    Are the devs this because we dont ask for visuel updates we ask for the playability of this game
  30. NikolasMarch

    NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    placing small grids into voxels from cut/copy-paste was a thing, but building small grids into voxels directly was not, and must have just been a bug, as long as we can still paste small grids into voxels for better scenario creations then its all good :)
  31. DJL

    DJL Trainee Engineer

    This broke the game. I was never going to play again. Life was not worth living. The devs sucked. Nothing ever gets fixed. Han shot first.

    :woot: YES! Thank you. :woot:
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